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Geeta Opened a Savings Bank Account in a Bank on `7^"Th"` Nov., 08 and Deposited Rs. 750. She Withdrew Rs. 200 on `30^"Th"` Nov.Find the Amount Which She Would Receive Interest for Month of Nov., 08. - Mathematics

Geeta opened a savings bank account in a bank on `7^"th"` Nov., 08 and deposited Rs. 750. She withdrew Rs. 200 on `30^"th"` Nov., 08. If no other withdrawal or deposit was made by her during this month; find the amount on which she would receive interest for the month of Nov., 08.

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Balance on `7^"th"` Nov. = Rs. 750
Balance on `30^"th"` Nov. = Rs750 – Rs. 200 = Rs. 550
Then minimum balance for the month of Nov. = Rs. 550 Ans.

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