Social Science: Popular Struggles and Movements - Concept of Popular Struggles and Movements


Why did Mahatma Gandhi decide to call off the Civil Disobedience Movement? Explain.



The Civil Disobedience Movement was launched by Gandhi in 1930. People in various parts of the country began to manufacture salt and picketed shops selling liquor and foreign goods. The government reacted by arresting several Congress leaders. This led to violent clashes among the police and people at several places. For example, when Abdul Ghaffar Khan was arrested in April 1930, angry crowds demonstrated and protested in the streets of Peshawar. Many were killed during the police firing. A month later, when Gandhi was arrested, people and workers in many towns attacked police posts, municipal buildings, law courts and railway stations. The government responded with the policy of brutal repression. Peaceful satyagrahis were attacked, women and children were brutally beaten and many thousands of people were arrested. Under such circumstances, Gandhi decided to call off the Civil Disobedience Movement.

Concept: Concept of Popular Struggles and Movements
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