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From the Text on Bismillah Khan, Find the Words and Phrases that Match Thesedefinitions and Write Them Down. the Number of the Paragraph Where You Will Find Thewords/Phrases Has Been Given for You in - English - Language and Literature

From the text on Bismillah Khan, find the words and phrases that match these
definitions and write them down. The number of the paragraph where you will find the
words/phrases has been given for you in brackets.

1. the home of royal people (1) _____ .

2. the state of being alone (5) _____ .

3. a part which is absolutely necessary (2)_____ .

4. to do something not done before (5) _____ .

5. without much effort (13) _____ .

6. quickly and in large quantities (9) _____ and _____ .

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1. the royal residence
2. solitude
3. indispensable
4. invent
5. effortlessly
6. thick and fast

Concept: Reading
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NCERT Beehive for Class 9 English
Chapter 2.1 The Sound of Music
Q 2 | Page 26
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