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From the Following Particulars Taken from the Cash Book of a Health Club, Prepare a Receipts and Payments Account. - Accountancy


From the following particulars taken from the Cash Book of a health club, prepare a Receipts and Payments Account.

Particulars Rs
Opening balance:  
Cash in Hand 5000
Cash at Bank 25000
Subscriptions 165000
Donations 35000
Investment Purchased 80000
Rent Paid 20000
General Expenses 21500
Postage and stationery 2000
Courier charges 1000
Sundry Expenses 2500
Closing Cash in Hand 12000
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                            Books of Health Club
                     Receipt and Payment Account
Dr.                                                                              Cr.

Receipts Amount (Rs) Payments Amount (Rs)
Balance b/d   Investment 80000
Cash in Hand 5000 30000 Rent 20000
Cash at Bank 25000 General Expenses 21500
Subscriptions 165000 Postage and Stationery 2000
Donations 35000 Courier Charges 1000
    Sundry Expenses 2500
    Balance c/d  
    Cash in Hand 12000 103000

Cast at Bank
(Balancing Fig.)

  230000   230000
Concept: Feature of Receipts and Payments Account
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NCERT Class 12 Accountancy - Not-for-profit Organisation and Partnership Accounts
Chapter 1 Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation
Numerical Questions | Q 1 | Page 51
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