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From the Following Information About the Regions A, B, C, State the Kind of Natural Vegetation Growing There and Mention the Name of a Typical Tree of the Respective Region: - Geography

Short Note

From the following information about the regions A, B, C, state the kind of natural vegetation growing there and mention the name of a typical tree of the respective region:

A : Annual rainfall 100-200 cm. Trees shed their leaves in March and April.
B : Annual rainfall less than 50 cm. Trees are stunted and widely scattered.
C : Forests are found in submerged coastal plains, especially on the edges of deltas.

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A : deciduous trees, teak.
B : desert vegetation, cactus.
C : littoral or tidal, sundari.

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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation of India
Data based Questions | Q 1
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