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Four Statements Are Given Below. Group Two of Them in Such a Way that One is Logically - Logical Reasoning


Four statements are given below. Group two of them in such a way that one is logically impossible and the other is empirically (factually) possible.

1. A plane equilateral triangle can also be a plane right-angled triangle. (A)

2. Velocity of light in vacuum is constant. (B)

3. Consumption of fuel at this rate results in reversal to bullock-cart age. (C)

4. A tall man is a man. (D)


  • A, B

  • B,D

  • C,D

  • A,C

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A, B


'B, D' is actually correct and 'A, B' is logically impossible because it is impossible for an equilateral triangle to become right angle triangle. So, option 'A, B' is correct.   

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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