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Four Resistances of 16 Ohms Each Are Connected in Parallel. Four Such Combinations Are Connected in Series. What is the Total Resistance? - Science

Four resistances of 16 ohms each are connected in parallel. Four such combinations are connected in series. What is the total resistance? 


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When four resistors of 16 Ω each are connected in parallel, the effective resistance of the combination can be obtained as: 


or `1/R=1/16+1/16+1/16+1/16` 

or `1/R=4/16` 

or `1/R=1/4` 

or `R=4`Ω 

The effective resistance of combination is 4 Ώ.
When four such combinations are connected in series, the effective resistance becomes:
R1 + R2R3 + R4
R = 4 Ώ + 4 Î + 4 Î + 4 Î = 16 Ω

Concept: Ohm’s Law
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 1 Electricity
Q 54
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