Department of Pre-University Education, KarnatakaPUC Karnataka Science Class 11
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Four Cylinders Contain Equal Number of Moles of Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide at the Same Temperature. - Physics


Four cylinders contain equal number of moles of argon, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide at the same temperature. The energy is minimum in


  • argon

  • hydrogen

  • nitrogen

  • carbon dioxide

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The energy of a gas is measured as CvT. All the four cylinders are at the same temperature but the gases in them have different values of  Cv, such that it is least for the monatomic gas and keeps on increasing as we go from monatomic to tri-atomic. Among the above gases, argon is monatomic, hydrogen and nitrogen are diatomic and carbon dioxide is tri-atomic. Therefore, the energy is minimum in argon.

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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 5 Specific Heat Capacities of Gases
MCQ | Q 7 | Page 77
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