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Four Arguments Are Given. Each is a Set of Three Sentences. Decide Which Set Has Third Sentence as Logical Conclusion of First and Second Sentences Considering the First Two to Be Correct. - Logical Reasoning


Four arguments are given. Each is a set of three sentences. Decide which set has third sentence as logical conclusion of first and second sentences considering the first two to be correct.

I. All cats are babies. All babies are young. All cats are young.
II. Some nerds are fools. Some fools are green. Some nerds are green.
III. Cars are well-built. Well-built sustains. Cars sustain.
IV. All cyclists are fast. Some fast are wrestlers. Some cyclists are wrestlers.


  • Only I

  • II, III and IV

  • I and II

  • I and III

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I and III

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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