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Four Arguments Are Given. Each is a Set of Three Sentences. Decide Which Set Has Third Sentence as Logical Conclusion of First and Second Sentences Considering the First Two to Be Correct. - Logical Reasoning


Four arguments are given. Each is a set of three sentences. Decide which set has third sentence as logical conclusion of first and second sentences considering the first two to be correct.

I. Some A are B. All B are C. Some A are C.

II. All men are yellow. No yellow are women. No men are women.

III. No ring is chain. Some chains are watches. Some rings are watches.

IV. Every P has a Q. All Q are R. No R has a P.


  • I and III

  • II

  • I and II

  • III and IV

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I and II

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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