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Formula of the Listed Compounds Are as Follows: Sodium Phosphate – Na3po4 Ammonium Sulphate – (Nh4)2so4 Calcium Hydroxide – Ca(Oh)2 Lead Bromide – Pbbr2 - Science

Short Note

The valencies (or charges) of some of the ions are given below : 

Ion Valency (Charge) Ion Valency (Charge)
Sodium ion 1+ Bromide ion 1–
Ammonium ion 1+ Hydroxide ion 1–
Calcium ion 2+ Sulphate ion 2–
Lead ion 2+ Phosphate ion 3–

Using this information, write down the formulae of the following compounds :
(i) Sodium phosphate
(ii) Ammonium sulphate
(iii) Calcium hydroxide
(iv) Lead bromide 

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Formula of the listed compounds are as follows:
Sodium phosphate –      Na3PO4

Ammonium sulphate –   (NH4)2SO4

Calcium hydroxide –     Ca(OH)2

Lead bromide –            PbBr2

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Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Chemistry - Science Part 2
Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules
Long Answers | Q 26.2 | Page 152
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