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For Each, State One Method of Controlling the Erosion Caused. - Geography

Short Note

For each, state one method of controlling the erosion caused.

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Methods of Controlling Erosion:
(i) Erosion by water: During heavy downpours deep ‘gullies’ are made on account of water run
off. Gully erosion can be stopped by plugging it with stones and pebbles or quick growing grasses can be grown in gullies to stop its expansion.
(ii) Erosion by wind: Wind erosion reduces the productive capacity of the soil by removing the loose particles of soil with the high velocity wind. The nutrients required by the plants are taken away by the wind. Therefore more and more trees should be planted along the edges of the field, the waste land and also on the steep slopes. If it is difficult to grow trees, grass should be grown but no land should be left devoid of plants.

Concept: Soil Erosion – Causes, Prevention and Conservation
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 4 Soils in India
Long Questions | Q 8
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