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For Each of the Following Transactions, Calculate the Resulting Cash Flow and State the Nature of Cash Flow, Viz., Operating, Investing and Financing. - Accountancy


For each of the following transactions, calculate the resulting cash flow and state the nature of cash flow, viz., operating, investing and financing.

(a) Acquired machinery for Rs 2,50,000 paying 20% by cheque and executing a bond for the balance payable.

(b) Paid Rs 2,50,000 to acquire shares in Informa Tech. and received a dividend of Rs 50,000 after acquisition.

(c) Sold machinery of original cost Rs 2,00,000 with an accumulated depreciation of Rs 1,60,000 for Rs 60,000.

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(a) Amount paid for Machinery = `2,50,000 xx 20/100 = 50,000`

Part payment Rs 50,000 for acquiring machinery Rs 2,50,000 is related with Investing Activities




Amount paid for acquiring shares


Dividend received


Net Cash used in Investing Activities



Amount paid to acquire assets and dividend received is a part of Investing Activities.

(c) Inflow of cash of Rs 60,000 on sale of machinery is a part Investing Activities.

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NCERT Class 12 Accountancy - Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 6 Cash Flow Statement
Numerical Questions | Q 3 | Page 273
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