For an Amplitude Modulated Wave, the Maximum Amplitude is Found to Be 10 V While the Minimum Amplitude is Found to Be 2 V. Determine the Modulation Index μ. What Would Be the Value of μ If the Minimum Amplitude is Zero Volt? - Physics

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For an amplitude modulated wave, the maximum amplitude is found to be 10 V while the minimum amplitude is found to be 2 V. Determine the modulation index μ. What would be the value of μ if the minimum amplitude is zero volt?

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Maximum amplitude, Amax = 10 V

Minimum amplitude, Amin = 2 V

Modulation index μ, is given by the relation:

`mu= (A_"max" - A_"min")/(A_"max" + A_"min")`

`= (10 - 2)/(10 + 2) = 8/12 = 0.67`

if A_"min" = 0

Then `mu = A_"max"/A_"max"= 10/10 = 1`

Concept: Amplitude Modulation (AM)
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NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook
Chapter 15 Communication Systems
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 531

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