Five kilometre is ______ m. - Science

Fill in the Blanks

Five kilometre is ______ m.



Five kilometre is 5000 m.

Concept: Devices for Measuring Length
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Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distances - Exercises [Page 106]


NCERT Science Class 6
Chapter 10 Motion and Measurement of Distances
Exercises | Q 2. (ii) | Page 106


Fill in the blank:

The S.I. unit of length is ............ of time is ............ of mass is ............

Describe in steps how would you measure the length of a pencil using a metre rule. Draw a diagram if necessary.

State if the following statement is true or false: 

In ancient times, a cubit was used to measure the mass of an object.

Answer the following in short.

Which unit will you use to find the length of your notebook and why?

State if the following statement is true or false. Correct the statement if it is false.

A ruler with a damaged end can be used to measure a length accurately.

Why can hand span and arm length not be used as standard units of length?

How many centimetres are there in 1m?

Name the device used to measure the following:

Circumference of round table.

How can a measured length be expressed?

Why would you not like to use a measuring tape made of an elastic material like rubber to measure distance? What would be some of the problems you would meet in telling someone about a distance you measured with such a tape?

The area can be calculated by using the two lengths and width.

Match the following:

1. Length a. Litre
2. Mass b. Seconds
3. Time c. Kilogram
4. Volume of liquid d. Metre

Four pieces of wooden sticks A, B, C, and D are placed along the length of 30 cm long scale as shown in Fig. Which one of them is 3.4 cm in length?

Which of the following figure shows the correct placement of a block along a scale for measuring its length?

SI unit of length is ______

Four children measure the length of a table which was about 2 m. Each of them used different ways to measure it.

  1. Sam measured it with a half metre long thread.
  2. with a 15 cm scale from her geometry box.
  3. Reena measured it using her hand span.
  4. Salim measured it using a 5 m long measuring tape.

Which one of them would get the most accurate length? Give reason for your answer.

While travelling in a train, it appears that the trees near the track are moving whereas co-passengers appear to be stationary. Explain the reason.


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