Find the odd one. Price, People, Promotion, Product - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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 Find the odd one.


  • Price

  • People

  • Promotion

  • Product




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Chapter 8: Marketing - Exercise [Page 166]


What is meant by the term place in the marketing mix?

Explain any four points of difference between 'Marketing' and 'Selling'.

Find the odd one.

Explain the following term/concept


Explain the following term/concept.


Explain the following term/concept.


Explain the types of Marketing Mix.

Explain 3Ps in the marketing of services.

Explain in detail the 7Ps of Marketing.

Explain the following term/concept.

Promotion of the product

Attempt the following.

Explain various 'Concepts of Market'.

Which of the following is a factor of marketing mix?

The collection of utilities is known as:

Marketing mix does not include ____________.

Which of the following statements is not true with regard to the concept of product?

In order to promote the sales of the company, Mukund Limited has decided to offer consumer durable products at 0% finance. Identify the type of marketing factor being described in the above line.

Harshit is planning a start-up venture for offering mobile pet care services at the door step. He has decided to charge 1000 for a heated hydrobath and blow dry of a pet and 500 for shampoo and conditioning. Identify the elements of the marketing mix which is not being described in the above case.

Which one of the following is not a marketing mix?

Which one of the following promotion tools has mass reach?

Under which of the following situations is a company not likely to fix a lower price for its product?

Marketing mix is the set of ______ that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market.

Which of the following is true regarding Promotion?

Which of the following are considered as the pillars of marketing?

Which of the following marketing functions is concerned with informing the customers about the firm's products?

Define the marketing mix.

What is Marketing Mix?

Marketing uses ______.


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