Find the odd one. NGO, District Commission, National Commission, State Commission - Organisation of Commerce and Management


Find the odd one.


  • NGO

  • District Commission

  • National Commission

  • State Commission



NGO, District Commission, National Commission, State Commission - NGO

Concept: Consumer Protection Act, 2019
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Chapter 7: Consumer Protection - Find the odd one


In India, the consumer protection act was initiated in the year ______.

In modern competitive market, consumer is regarded as the ____________.

Consumer Protection Act is not required in India.

The consumer protection Act established ______ Tier quasi-judicial systems for consumer protections exists.

Arrange in proper order.

National Commission, District Commission, State Commission.

Arrange in proper order.

District Judge, Supreme Court Judge, High Court Judge

Correct the underlined word and rewrite the following sentence

An appeal can be filed against the order of the National Commission to the State forum.

Justify the following statement.

The Consumer Protection Act was passed in the interest of consumers.

Explain the three-tier quasi-judicial machinery under the Act.

Select the correct option.

(District commission, 2019, not less than four members, Compensation exceeds ten crores, Janahit Yachika)

Group A  Group B
A. District Judge ______
B. ______ Members of the National Commission
C. Consumer Protection Act ______
D. National Commission ______
E. ______ Matter of general public interest

How many rights of consumers are given in the Consumer Protection Act 2019?

Palak went to a shop to buy hair oil. The shopkeeper forced her to buy a particular brand of hair oil from various available brands, irrespective of the willingness of Palak.

Which right of Palak, as a consumer, has been violated and where can she file a case against the shopkeeper? Name the two other rights of the consumer.

Explain in detail the three-tier Quasi-judicial machinery under the Consumer Protection Act.


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