Find the odd one. Authorised capital, Equity share capital, Issued capital, Paidup capital. - Secretarial Practice

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Find the odd one.


  • Authorised capital

  • Equity share capital

  • Issued capital

  • Paidup capital



Equity share capital

Concept: Issue of Shares
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Chapter 3: Issue of Shares - Exercises [Page 63]


Balbharati Secretarial Practice 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3 Issue of Shares
Exercises | Q 1. E) 1. | Page 63


Multiple Choice Question:

Equity shareholders are called

Multiple Choice Question:

The term 'redeemable' is used for

What preferential rights are enjoyed by preference shareholders? Explain.

Match the pairs.

Group 'A'

Group 'B'

a) Death of member

1. Forfeiture of shares

b) Voluntary return of shares to company by member

2. Book Building Method

c) Price of shares mentioned in prospectus

3. Offered to existing employees


4. Surrender of shares

e) Regret Letter

5. Transmission of shares


6. Non-allotment of shares


7. Offered to existing Equity shareholders


8. Transfer of shares


9. Fixed price issue method


10. Allotment of shares

Match the pairs.

Group 'A'

Group 'B'

a) Issued capital

1) Non-payment of calls

b) FPO

2) Any issue after IPO

c) Bonus shares

3) Offered to existing employees

d) Issued within two months of allotment of shares

4) Capital offered to public to subscribe

e) Forfeiture of shares

5) Share certificate


6) First time issue of shares


7) Free shares issued to existing equity shareholders


8) Maximum capital a company can raise


9) Allotment Letter


10) Operation of law

Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute the following statement.

Capital collected by way of issue of Equity and Preference shares.

Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute the following statement.

Part of issued capital subscribed by investors.

Find the odd one.

Find the odd one.

Select the correct option from the bracket.

(First time offer of shares, Shares offered to public, Shares offered to existing Equity shareholders, Shares offered to existing employees, Transmission of shares)

Group 'A'

Group "B"

a) Public offer of shares

1) ____________

b) ____________

2) Initial Public offer

c) Rights Issue

3) ____________

d) ____________


e) Operation of law

5) ____________

Complete the sentence.

Shares issued free of cost to existing Equity shareholders is called as ______

Answer in one sentence.

With whom should the prospectus be filed before issuing it to the public?

Distinguish between the following.

Rights Shares and Bonus Shares

Justify the following statement.

Company has to fulfill certain provisions while making Right Issue.

Justify the following statement.

ESOS is offered by a company to its permanent employees, Directors and Officers

Match the pairs.

Group A Group B
a) Debenture holders 1) Secured deposits
b) IPO  2) Owners
c) Charge on assets 3) Any issue after first-time public offer
d) SEBI  4) To protect the interest of investors in securities market
e) Issued within two months of allotment of shares 5) First-time public offer
  6) Allotment letter
  7) To protect the interest of companies in securities market
  8) Share certificate
  9) Creditors
  10) Unsecured deposits


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