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Find Out What Do the Terms Algal Bloom Signify - Biology

Find out what do the terms algal bloom signify

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Solution 1

Algal bloom:- Algal bloom refers to an increase in the population of algae or blue-green algae in water, resulting in discoloration of the water body. This causes an increase in the biological oxygen demand (BOD), resulting in the death of fishes and other aquatic animals.

Solution 2

The rapid increase in populations of algae and other phytoplanktons, in particular cyanobacteria, in water bodies rich in organic matter is called algal bloom. The density of the organisms may be such that it may prevent light from passing to lower depths in the water body. Algal blooms are caused by an increase in levels of nitrate, a mineral ion essential for algal and bacterial growth.

The source of increased nitrate may be from agricultural fertilizers, which are leached – into water systems from the land, or sewage effluent.

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