Find Out the Expression for the Emf Induced in the Coil C1 Due to a Change in the Current Through the Coil C2. - Physics

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In an experiment, two coils c1 and c2 are placed close to each other. Find out the expression for the emf induced in the coil c1 due to a change in the current through the coil c2.

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Suppose that a current I is flowing through the coil c2 at any instant. Flux linked with the coil c1 is given by

Φ ∝ I

Φ = MI             ….. (i)

Where M is called coefficient of mutual induction

If ‘e’ is the induced emf produced in the coil c1, then


Concept: Inductance - Mutual Inductance
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2014-2015 (March) Delhi Set 1

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