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Find one word from the story that means

at once q ______.




Concept: Writing Skills
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Chapter 4.2: Alice in Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland [Page 70]


NCERT English - Marigold Class 4 Cbse
Chapter 4.2 Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland | Q 1. e. | Page 70


Sounds are tiny vibrations that can travel through air and other materials. The loudness of a sound is measured in decibels (db).
Typical sound level in decibels:
(1) Silence                                        0db
(2) Rustle of leaves                           10 db
(3) Breathing                                    10 db
(4) Radio music inside home              50-60 db
(5) Loud television                            70 db
(6) Road traffic Noise                        60-90 db
(7) Powerful rock music                    100 db
(8) Motor cycle                                105 db
(9) Heavy truck traffic                      90-100 db
(10) Wind in the trees                       20 db


Read the following information and prepare a fact life:
Delhi, capital of India, has an area of 1,483 Haryana and U.P are its neighbours. It has a literacy rate of 81.7%: (males 87.3 %, females 74.7%). People generally speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English. It is known for its Roshnara festival Shalimar, Qutab, mango festivals, garden Tourism and winter carnival.

Imagine you are Gitika. Road the following conversation and write a suitable message for your mother in 50-60 words:

Ankita  : Hi, didi ! I'm Ankita on the line. Is aunty at home?

Gitika   : No, she has gone to visit my grandparents. Is there any problem?

Ankita  : No, I just wanted to inform her that we have a special havan tomorrow at 9 a.m. at our place. My mother has specially invited all of you.

Gitika   : Okay, Thanks ! I'll inform her and we will definitely come.


A 3 BHK flat located in the heart of Seva Nagar, Pune is available for sale. Attached washrooms, wooden work in kitchen, fully furnished, close to  Metro Station, walking distance to Bus Terminus, etc , 24*7 Power Back-up, 24 hours security, Interested parties may contact to Harshita,12, Seva Nagar, Pune or ring 9810****** 

Wrestling mostly a male sport – Sakshi born in conservative surroundings – most unfavourable gender ratio for females – parental encouragement – one can't forget the look of determination on her face in the last three minutes of the bout.

Read the following extract carefully and present the information in the form of notes with the help of the given clues :
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the first Vice President and second President of India.
He was a teacher, a philosopher and 'an author. He had introduced the thinking of Western idealist philosophers like Plato, Plontinus, Bergson into Indian thought.
He was born on 5th of September, 1888 in a poor Brahmin family. As his father could not afford his education expenses, Radhakrishnan supported most of his education
through scholarships. He completed his B.A. and M.A. with majors in philosophy. He went on to become a professor of philosophy. He showed that Indian Philosophy, once translated into standard academic jargon, is worthy of being called philosophy by Western standards.
He thus, placed Indian Philosophy on world map.
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had established a strong relationship with the Soviet Union when he w Is appointed as the ambassador to the Soviet Union.
He has been honoured with many awards for his achievements nationally and internationally. He was honoured with the Bharat Ratna in 1954. He is also acknowledged with the Templeton Prize, Peace Prize of German Book Trade, Order of Merit and many other honours.
Title : Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Birth : 5th September, 1888
Qualifications : B.A. ___________
Introduced thinking of : _________,_________and ____ into Indian thought.
Work : Translated_____________ into standard____________
Ambassador : __________________________________
Honours : National___________
                International Order of Merit

Read the following extract and answer the questions given below :
They whisper like drizzle
as they roam the streets
with a lost gaze as though
something they had thrown up
never returned to earth.

They shiver like December nights
in their dreamless sleep
on shop verandahs.

(1) Why do the old women in this extract roam the streets?

(2) What would you like to do for the betterment of the old people? 

(3) Find out an example of 'onomatopoeia' from the first stanza of the extract.

(4) Pick out the expressions from the extract showing the sad situation of the old women.

Read the following extract and complete the note with the help of the clues provided : 
Vitamins are either fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) or water-soluble (B vitamins, including niacin, folic acid and riboflavin, and vitamin C). They consist mainly of the elements nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in bod)' fat, while water-soluble vita1nins are used or quickly excreted in the urine.
Vitamin A is essential for the eyes, skin, hair, and bones; the B vitamins help enzymes to function; C is essential for the formation of collagen; D helps the body absorb calcium; E prevents cell damage, and K helps blood clotting. Most vitamins cannot be produced by the body and so must be obtained directly from food.


Vitamins are obtained from
B Vitamins Fat-soluble
Vitamins consist of 1.
2. Oxygen
4. Hydrogen
Vitamin A
Essential for eyes, skin, etc.
Formation of collagen
Prevents cell damage

Write a short tourist leaflet on a place of historical importance with the help of the following points: 
(i) How to reach there?
(ii) Where to Stay?
(iii) Historical importance of the place.
(iv) Shopping Attraction.
(v) Add your own points.

Suggest two measures to increase the number of birds.

Complete the table :

Give your suggestions that will help the people to make Maharashtra prosperous.

A1. Choose two sentences that appropriately mention the theme of the passage :

(1) The extract deals with the writer’s concern over Chaitanya's handicap.
(2) The extract depicts the writer’s proud feelings towards her son’s achievement.
(3) The extract deals with how Chaitanya made the writer see positively towards life.
(4) The extract deals with how the writer helps Chaitanya to buy the bus ticket.

          Early in 1997-98, when he returned from state-level inter-school sports, he had two prizes to his credit and a silver medal. He had won his laurels in athletic events and the silver medal in a running race.
         When I saw the prizes and read the citation Chaitanya had received, I was stupefied, in total disbelief, then–hugged him, kissed him and cried unabashedly to my heart’s content. That day, I cried for the first time out of joy and a sense of being vindicated. Without practice, he had competed with approximately 1,800 children drawn from various schools all over the state. He was subsequently selected for the marathon race, but he could not participate due to a health problem. “Maybe next year, he would”, I assured myself. And I, as his proud mother, would proudly chronicle his future achievements and success to inspire other - mothers of the world.
                 Looking back at my own life, I feel that it is the spirit with which we can accept our life gracefully is what
matters ultimately; and it is love that nourishes us. All other things are unimportant. Chaitanya has made me look inwards. His handicap doesn’t disturb me any longer. He and I shall live with it and still be happy. The mental strength which he has given to me is inexhaustible.
         One day, as both of us got onto a public transport bus, Chaitanya offered to buy the tickets for us.
           “One full, one half ”, he said to the conductor beaming with joy.
               Looking at him, I wondered whether he was really only a half? An incomplete person? Was I really full?
Complete in all respects? Why do then normal people feel that they are ‘full’ and others like Chaitanya are ‘half’ or incomplete? Chaitanya’s world is complete in itself, pure and innocent while our lives are full of deceit, jealousies, ill-feelings. 

A2. Point out - 

Point out two instances where you find Chaitanya's victory over his disability. 

A3. Give reasons - 

Chaitanya’s silver medal in a running race was very special for the writer, because :
(i) __________________
(ii) __________________ 

A4. Vocabulary - 

Match the pairs of the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’: 

  Column ‘A’   Column ‘B’
(1) stupefied (a) official statement about the special act of courage
(2) chronicle (b) record events in the order they happened
(3) vindicated (c) surprised or shocked
(4) citation (d) justified

A5. Personal response -

Explain, your views about the ill-treatment the special children receive in society. 

A6. Grammar - 

Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) He had won his laurels in athletic events and the silver medal in a running race.
(Rewrite the sentence using ‘not only...but also’.)
(ii) When I saw the prizes, I was stupefied.
(Rewrite the sentence using ‘No sooner.... than’.)

Point out - 
Point out two instances where you find Chaitanya's victory over his disability.

Answer of these question in a short paragraph (about 30 words).

What kind of teachers did Margie and Tommy have?

Use capital letter, full stops, question marks, commas and inverted commas wherever necessary in the following paragraph. an arrogant lion was wandering though the jungle one day he asked the tiger who is stronger than you you O lion replied the tiger who is more fierce than a leopard asked the lion you sir replied the leopard he marched upto an elephant and asked the same question the elephant picked him up in his trunk swung him in the air and threw him down look said the lion there is no need to get mad just because you don’t know the answer.

Here is a topic for you to

1. think about;

2. give your opinion on.

Find out what other people think about it. Ask your friends/seniors/parents to give you their opinion.

‘Career Building Is the Only Goal of Education.’


‘Getting a Good Job Is More Important than Being a Good Human Being.’

You can use the following phrases

(i) while giving your opinion:

• I think that...

• In my opinion...

• It seems to me that…

• I am of the view that...

• As far as I know...

• If you ask me...

(ii) saying what other people think:

• According to some...

• Quite a few think...

• Some others favour...

• Thirty per cent of the people disagree...

• Fifty per cent of them strongly feel...

(iii) asking for others’ opinions:

• What do you think about...

• What do you think of...

• What is your opinion about...

• Do you agree...

• Does this make you believe...

Imagine that you are Santosh Yadav, or Maria Sharapova. You have been invited to speak at an All India Girls’ Athletic Meet, as chief guest. Prepare a short speech to motivate the girls to think and dream big and make an effort to fulfil their dreams, not allowing difficulties or defeat to discourage them. The following words and phrases may help you.

• self confident/confidence/sure of yourself

• self assured/assurance/belief in yourself

• morale/boost morale/raise morale

• giving somebody a boost/fillip/lift

• demoralising/unsure of yourself/insecure/lack confidence

Working in pairs, go through the table below that gives you information about the top women tennis players since 1975. Write a short article for your school magazine comparing and contrasting the players in terms of their duration at the top. Mention some qualities that you think may be responsible for their brief or long stay at the top spot.

Top-Ranked Women Players

I. The roll of honour of women who enjoyed life at the summit since everybody’s favourite player, Chris Evert, took her place in 1975.

Name Ranked on Weeks as No. 1
Maria Sharapova (Russia) 22 August 2005 1
Lindsay Davenport (U.S.)

October 2004

Amelie Mauresmo (France) 13 September 2004 5

Justine Henin-Hardenne (Belgium)

20 October 2003 45
Kim Clijsters (Belgium) 11 August 2003 12
Serena Williams (U.S.) 8 July 2002 57
Venus Williams (U.S.) 25 February 2002 11
Jennifer Capriati (U.S.) 15 October 2001 17
Lindsay Davenport (U.S.) 12 October 1998 82
Martina Hingis (Switzerland) 31 March 1997 209
Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario (Spain) 6 February 1995 12
Monica Seles (U.S.) 11 March 1991 178
Steffi Graf (Germany) 17 August 1987 377
Tracy Austin (U.S.) 7 April 1980 22
Martina Navratilova (U.S.) 10 July 1978 331
Chris Evert (U.S.) 3 November 1975 362

Which of these words would you use to describe Santosh Yadav? Find reasons in the text to support your choices, and write a couple of paragraphs describing Santosh’s character

contented determined resourceful polite adventurous considerate
weak-willed fearful



patient persevering

Transform the following sentence as per the given instruction.

The old woman said to Arun, “Can you help me to cross the street?”
(Begin: The old woman asked Arun……………….) 

Transform the following sentence as per the given instruction.

How cruel Shylock was to demand his pound of flesh!
(Begin: It was cruel………………….) 

It is easy to advise others not to worry, but difficult for oneself to follow the same. Narrate an experience which made you realise the truth of this statement. 


In the following items, sentence A is complete, while sentence B is not. Complete sentence B, making it as similar as possible to sentence A.  Write sentence B.

(A) As soon as the bell rings, the children run out to play.
(B) No sooner __________________________________.

In the following items, sentence A is complete, while sentence B is not. Complete sentence B, making it as similar as possible to sentence A.  Write sentence B.

(A) No other planet is as big as Jupiter.
(B) Jupiter ............................................................................... 

In the following items, sentence A is complete, while sentence B is not. Complete sentence B, making it as similar as possible to sentence A.  Write sentence B.

(A) She said that she would return the book to the library the next day.
(B) She said, “.........................................................................” 

Fill in the blank with the suitable word. 

He agreed to carry _____________ the manager’s orders. 

Fill in the blank with the suitable word. 

He ran _____________ from home at the age of ten. 

Fill in the blank with the suitable word. 

I ran _____________ my old friend in the market place. 

Fill in the blank with the suitable word. 

The Principal looks _____________ matters of complaint from teachers and students. 

Fill in the blanks in the passage givben below with the appropriate form of the verb given in brackets. Do not write the passage, but write the verbs in the correct order.

One day I ____________ (1)(be) in the lunch line, and there I saw a pile of apples. The teacher-incharge _____________ (2)(state) at me and said, “Just __________ (3)(take) one. God ________ (4)(watch)”. So, I ____________ (5)(take) an apple, and the line __________ (6)(move) along. At the next table there ____________ (7)(be) a pile of chocolate chip cookies. I ____________ (8)(not know) what to do. “Put,” the kid behind me ____________ (9)(whisper), “_____________ (10)(take) all you want. God’s watching the apples. ” 

 Fill in each blank with the suitable word. 

He broke _____________ in the middle of his speech at the function. 

Why was each man in the group unaware of self- destruction by his action?

Whose family has been referred to earlier in the context?

Define the following terms from the poem: rivulet, plough share (plowshare), yon, and childing.

Research the Battle of Blenheim. Then write an essay defending Wilhelmine’s position that the battle was a “wicked thing” or Kaspar’s position that it was a |   “great victory.”

Describe in your own words the poet’s feelings when he sees the host of golden daffodils ?

How is he affected by the experience of seeing the daffodils?

What is the encaged bird fearful of ?

Who and what does the free bird symbolize?

Alack, it was I who leaped at the sun
To give it my loving friends to keep!
Naught man could do,have I left undone:
And you see my harvest, what I reap
This very day, now a year is run.

Read the above lines and answer the question that follow.

Comment on the tone of the Patriot in this stanza.

What surprises Abou the next night? What message has the poet conveyed to all of us?

Who won the race as described in the end.

Discuss trans-culturation as represented in Seattle’s speech.

What is the central conflict of the story “All Summer in a Day”?

You are the captain of your college cricket team. You have your final match on Sunday. Your teammates are nervous. Prepare a speech motivating them to face the challenge courageously. (About 100 words)

The end justifies the means.' Argue for or against the statement. 

'Appearances can be deceptive'. Give your views on this topic.

Choose two of the passages (a) to (c) and answer briefly the questions that follow: 

Benedick: I can see yet without spectacles, and I see no such matter. There's her cousin, she were not possessed with a fury, exceeds her as much in beauty as the first of May doth the last of December. But I hope you have no intent to turn husband, have you?

Claudio: I would scarce trust myself though I had sworn the contrary if I Hero would be my wife.

(i) Whom is Benedick referring to in the above lines? 
(ii) Benedick says: 'I see no such matter.' What does he mean by it?
(iii) Explain the lines:

"There's her cousin, she was not possessed with a fury, exceeds her as much in beauty as the first of May doth the last of December". 
(iv) What does the comparison of Beatrice with May suggest about Benedick?
(v) What does Claudio mean by 'sworn the contrary'? 
(vi) Give the meaning of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage: possessed; fury; intent 

Write a short story that ends with the words “……………… I really doubt if things could have turned out any better.”

You are the editor of your school magazine. You have recently attended a cultural program in your city. Write an account of this program (in approximately 300 words) using the points given below:

Date and venue — occasion — Chief Guest — other invitees — inauguration — events —other important features — highlights — reaction of audience — conclusion.

Don John: Come, let us to the banquet
                  [Exeunt all but Claudio] 

Claudio: Thus answer 1 in name of Benedick,
But hear this ill news with the ears of Claudio. 'Tis certain so; the prince woos for himself. Friendship is constant in all other things Save in the office and affairs of love. Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues. Let every eye negotiate for itself, And trust no agent; for beauty is a witch Against whose charms faith melteth into blood. This is an accident of hourly proof, Which I Mistrusted not. Farewell, therefore, Hero.
[Enter Benedick] 

Benedick: Count Claudio?

Claudio: Yea, the same. 

(i) Where are the speakers? Describe Claudio's state of mind?
(ii) What has Don John just revealed to Claudio? 
(iii) Explain the lines:

"Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues.
Let every eye negotiate for itself,
And trust no agent;"
(iv) How does Don John succeed in conveying his thoughts to Claudio? What is his intention in doing so? 
(v) Why is 'beauty' said to be a 'witch'? Which aspect of Claudio is seen here? 
(vi) Give the meanings of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage: ill; save; office; 

(A) As soon as she reached home, she learnt that she had to leave for London.
(B) Hardly……………………………

(A) Ramesh said, "Rajiv, please bring your physics book to school tomorrow."
(B) Ramesh………………………….

(A) I am afraid you cannot get admission to the college without clearing the admission test.
(B) I am afraid you cannot be……………….

Every family has a black sheep. (Begin: There is no ………….) 

Choose two of the passages (a) to (c) and answer briefly the questions that follow:

Raina :

Come away from the window (She takes him firmly back to the middle of the room. The moment she releases him he turns mechanically towards the window again. She seizes him and turns him back, exclaiming) Please! (He becomes motionless, like a hypnotized rabbit, his fatigue gaining fast on him. She releases him, and addresses him patronizingly). Now listen. You must trust to our hospitality. You do not yet know in whose house you are. I am a Petkoff. 

The Man: A pet what? 

Raina : [rather indignantly] I mean that I belong to the family of the Petkoffs, the richest and best known in our country. 

The Man: Oh yes, of course. I beg your pardon. The Petkoffs, to be sure. How stupid of me! 

Raina: You know you never heard of them until this moment. How can you stoop to pretend! 

The Man: Forgive me. I'm too tired to think, and the change of subject was too much for me. Don't scold me.

(i) Why did the man keep turning to the window? 
Which examples of the social superiority of the Petkoff's does Raina give the man?
Which opera does Raina mention? With whom does she compare herself? What does this tell you about her? 
In Raina's opinion, what should the man have done instead of threatening her? 
What does the man tell Raina about his father? Why does he do so? 
What does the man do at the end of the scene? 

I was laid________for three weeks with a broken leg.

The programme ran________six hours.

I have appointment________the dentist.

Raina :

[timidly] Nine thousand hotels? 

Bluntschli :

Hotels! Nonsense. If you only knew! Oh, it's too ridiculous. Excuse me: I must give my fellow orders about starting. [He leaves the room hastily, with the documents in his hand]. 

Louka :

[knowing instinctively that she can annoy Raina by disparaging Bluntschli] He has not much heart, that Swiss. He has not a word of grief for his poor father. 

Raina :

[bitterly] Grief! A man who has been doing nothing but killing people for years! What does he care about? What does any soldier care about? [She goes to the door, restraining her tears with difficulty].

Louka :

Major Saranoff has been fighting too, and he has plenty of heart left. [Raina, at the door, draws herself up haughtily and goes out].

(i) What news has Bluntschli just received? 
(ii) What makes Raina ask, `Nine thousand hotels'? 
(iii) Why is Bluntschli in such a hurry to leave? What does Louka comment about him? 
(iv) Why is Raina upset with Bluntschli? 
(v) Why in your opinion, does Louka compare Bluntschli to Sergius? What does she comment when Raina leaves the room?
(vi)  Who enters the room at this point? What news does he give Louka? 

Referring closely to specific instances in the play 'Arms and the Man', discuss how Shaw presents class distinctions and social snobbery. 

Fill in the blank with an appropriate word: 

His teacher is very pleased ……… him.

With close reference to the novel Ivanhoe discuss how the central plot revolves around the conflicts and tensions between the Normans and the Saxons. 

The character of King Richard I is presented in Ivanhoe not only with all his admirable qualities but also with his shortcomings. Elaborate with close reference to the text.

Walter Scott appears sympathetic to Isaac's troubles. How does Scott highlight the treatment given to Jews through the character of Isaac? 

How does G. K. Chesterton in his essay On Running after one's Hat, romanticize difficult situations by dwelling on the notion that "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered'"?

Referring closely to the essay On Going on a Journey, give Hazlitt's views about the manner in which a change of place brings about a.change in ideas, opinions, and feelings. 

Why couldn't the narrator sleep?

The anthology `ISC Collection of Short Stories' includes several stories in which a woman is a central character. Which female character has awakened your admiration, sympathy or interest and why? 

In the poem Breaking Out. the poet shows the gradual transformation of a young girl into a confident and independent individual who breaks the conventional stereotypes of society. Discuss with close reference to the text. 

Describe an early morning walk through your city or town in winter. Give details of the smells, sights, sounds, and feelings you experienced.

Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence.

  1. As soon as we lit the candle, the power supply was restored.
    (Begin: No sooner………. )
  2. The bee is more industrious than all other creatures.
    (Use: ‘most industrious’)
  3. The old woman was too slow to catch the bus.
    (Begin : The old woman was so……… )
  4. “I’ll do it tomorrow,” he promised.
    (Rewrite in indirect speech)
  5. Though Reema got an expensive gift she was not happy.
    (Begin: In spite of……… )
  6. I prefer reading a book to watching a movie.
    (Begin: I would rather…….. )
  7. I have never seen Mr. Roy lose his temper.
    (Begin: Never…….. )
  8. She found your keys in the garage.
    (Begin: The keys……… )

Fill in the blank with an appropriate word: 

The paper dart went gliding  ______  the air.

Join the following sentence to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so. 

The child helped her mother to make breakfast. She washed the tomatoes.

Re-write the following sentence according to the instruction given. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of the sentence.  

As soon as Sania sat down to study, the lights went off.
(Begin: No sooner……….)

They had to climb ____________the steep pathway to reach the top. 

‘Catamaran’ is a kind of a boat. Do you know which Indian language this word is derived from? Check the dictionary.

The following are the meaning listed in the dictionary against the phrase `take on’. In which meaning is it used in the third paragraph of the account:

Take on sth:

to begin to have a particular quality or appearance; to assume sth

take sb on:

to employ sb; to engage sb
to accept sb as one’s opponent in a game, contest or conflict

Take sb/sth on:

to decide to do sth; to allow sth/sb to enter e.g. a bus, plane or ship; to take sth/sb on board

Given on the next page is a picture of a yacht. Label the parts of the yacht using the terms given in the box









Give reasons for the following.

List the deeds that led Ray Johnson to describe Akhenaten as “wacky”.

Give reasons for the following.

Explain the statement, “King Tut is one of the first mummies to be scanned — in death, as in life ...”

Discuss the following in groups of two pairs, each pair in a group taking opposite points of view.

Traditions, rituals, and funerary practices must be respected.

Given below is an interesting combination of words. Explain why they have been used together.

ritual resins

Here are some commonly used medical terms. Find out their meanings.

CT scan MRI  tomography
Autopsy  dialysis  ECG
Post mortem  angiography  biopsy

Some of the leaves and flowers mentioned in the passage for adorning the dead are willow, olive, celery, lotus, cornflower. Which of these are common in our country?

What does the phrase “her barred face identity mask” mean?

The movement words

Words with the sound ‘ch’ as in ‘chart’ and ‘tr’ as in ‘trembles’ in the poem.

(i) What do you understand by the terms `outsider art’ and `art brut’ or `raw art’?

(ii) Who was the “untutored genius who created a paradise” and what is the nature of his contribution to art?

Find out the correlates of Yin and Yang in other cultures.

What does the phrase “strange to tell” mean?

Notice the following sentence patterns.

And who art thou? said I to the soft-falling shower.

Rewrite the above sentences in prose.

Notice the following sentence patterns.

 I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain.

Rewrite the above sentences in prose.

Notice these expressions in the text. Infer their meaning from the context.

  • a holistic and ecological view 

  • inter alia

  • sustainable development 

  • decimated

  • languish 

  • catastrophic depletion

  • ignominious darkness 

  • transcending concern

Below is a topic for essay writing. Follow the steps listed above to write on these topics.

Human Population Grows Up

Below is a topic for essay writing. Follow the steps listed above to write on these topics.

Success begins in the mind

How are the earth's principal biological systems being depleted?

Discuss in groups of four.

We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children”.

Locate the following words in the text and study their connotation.

1. gripped the imagination of

2. dawned upon

3. ushered in

4. passed into current coin

5. passport of the future

Make posters to highlight the importance of the Green Movement.

Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.

Discuss with your partners

The manner you adopt when you talk about a teacher to other teachers.

What is the poet’s feeling towards childhood?

Distinguish between the following pairs of sentences.

He was visibly moved.

Distinguish between the following pairs of sentences.

The team played two matches successively.

Distinguish between the following pairs of sentences.

The librarian spoke respectfully to the learned scholar.

'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush'.

a. Explain the above statement in the literal sense.

b. Explain it in the context in which it is mentioned in the story.

Explain the following phrase
Sure as eggs

Use it in a sentence of your own.

Explain the following phrase
Spinning yarns

Use it in a sentence of your own.

Why didn't John Garrideb like the idea of including Holmes in the hunt for the third Garrideb?

Who was Roger Presbury and how was John Garrideb connected with him?

How did Holmes guess that John Garrideb would go to 136, Little Ryder Street? Did he expect to find what he ultimately did before he went there?

The cleverest of criminals leave behind clues to their crime.

How did Holmes' digressions sometimes prove in the end to have a bearing on the matter on hand?

Examine the subtle humour in the narration of the story that lightens the gravity of the subject matter.

Identify the words in the advertisement that gave away the fact that it was placed by John Garrideb.

How does the author succeed in raising crucial social issues not through open criticism but through subtle suggestion?

A short report announcing the death of a person in a newspaper is called an 'obituary'. Where would you find the following

a citation

an epitaph

a glossary

an abstract

a postscript

How does the bond of affection between Mrs. Croft and the narrator evolve?

Discuss in pairs or in small groups

The Indian family system offers more security to the aged than what is found in the West.

Discuss in pairs or in small groups

The eccentricities of the old are often endearing.

‘Mrs. Croft’s was the first death I mourned in America, for, hers was the first life I had admired; she had left this world, at last, ancient and alone, never to return’—how do these lines encapsulate the bond that is possible between two strangers?

‘Don’t expect an English cup of tea’—how does this phrase bring out the contrast between English and American attitudes?

Give reasons for the following.

Srinath and his family members’ eager expectation of Satyajit’s arrival.

Give reasons for the following.

Srinath’s disappointment with Satyajit.

Give reasons for the following.

Satyajit's feeling that he was an impostor.

Give reasons for the following.

Satyajit not disclosing his present financial status to his uncle.

How do these lines capture the essence of the story:

'Glory was all overlaid with dark shame. Glory was dead.'

There are quite a few places where the author uses the expressions 'my heart sank', 'panic seized' etc. What was the reason for this?

Locate instances of irony in the story.

‘Forgiveness is often better than punishment’. Write two paragraphs – one for and another against this notion.

You are the class representative and you have been asked by the Principal to conduct an interview of a cop. Frame 8-10 questions with the help of the following points, give introduction and conclusion.

  • reasons for joining the department
  • special training
  • developing the skill to identify and locate criminals
  • dealing with criminals
  • achievements and awards.

Go to your school/college library and read some other stories by O’Henry like, ‘The Gift of the Magi’, ‘The Last Leaf’ and ‘After Twenty years’. Write the stories in short in your notebook.

Interview the students of your class regarding the career they would like to pursue and the reason for selecting that particular career. Collect the data from your class and analyze the information you have collected.

Surf the net and obtain more information about the conservation work done by Shaaz. Prepare posters to inspire others and display them on your college noticeboard.

Find out the information about the qualification and eligibility required in the profession related to wildlife such as:


Find out the information about the qualification and eligibility required in the profession related to wildlife such as:


Find out the information about the qualification and eligibility required in the profession related to wildlife such as:

Tour Manager

There are certain words that are repeated in the poem. For example, ‘no more’ (Line 7).
Find out other similar expressions.
Explain the effect they have created in the poem.

The use of personal pronoun ‘I’ is evident and prominent in this poem. Give reasons.

Write four to six lines of Free Verse on the topic ‘The road that leads to my college’. Express that it is the road to knowledge and bright future. You may begin like this: Every day I tread with the bag of books …

Take help from the sources available on the internet and make a list of proverbs and quotations about ‘road’.

Read the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.

A handicraft exhibition is being organized in your college. You are given the task to compere the inaugural function. Write the script for compering.

Go to your college library and collect and read the poems written by Sarojini Naidu.

Find various career opportunities in Small-scale Industries like Handloom, Art and Craft, Block Printing, etc.

Find out information about the Mahavastra of Maharashtra - Paithani.

Compose 4-6 lines on your own on ‘Good deeds’.

Find out different career opportunities in the field of social work.

Collect information of the NGOs working for the underprivileged section of the society.

We add ‘un-’ to make opposites. For example, true — untrue. Add ‘un’– to the word below to make its opposite. Then look up the meaning of the word you have formed in the dictionary.

attended: ____________

How did Kalpana Chawla meet her end? When did this tragedy in space take place?

The poet says, “Beauty is heard in …”
Can you hear beauty? Add a sound that you think is beautiful to the sounds the poet thinks are beautiful.
The poet, Keats, said:
Heard melodies are Sweet,
But those unheard are sweeter.
What do you think this means? Have you ever heard a song in your head, long after the song was sung or played?

Answer the following question:

“It was to be a battle of champions.” (8)
(i) What qualities did the two champions have? Pick out words and phrases from the paragraph above this line in the text and write them down.


(a) ________ (a) ________
(b) ________ (b) ________
(c) ________ (c) ________

(ii) What did the cobra and the mongoose do, to show their readiness for the fight?

Match the words and phrases with their meanings in the box below.



paragraph numbers








it pains me


















it hurts me


test the strength of

understanding the difficulties

wanting to be home

a welcome change

not very caring

The words in the box are all words that describe movement. Use them to fill in the blank in the sentence below.
The birds _______________ at the snake.

Re-word the line from the story:

I went to the window which overlooked a large garden.

Find words in the story, which show things striking violently against each other.
The cobra struck the crow, his snout th___ing against its body.

Find words in the story, which show things striking violently against each other.
The crow and the myna c_ll____in mid-air.

Read the words/phrases in the box. With your partner find their meaning in the dictionary.

Harsh conditions  harmless  survive  intruder

threatened  predators  prey  continually

Fill in the blanks in the following passage with the above words/phrases.

All animals in forests and deserts struggle to ______________________in ______________

___________________ . Though most of the animals are ___________________, some are

dangerous when _____________________. If an ___________________ is noticed, they attack

or bite to save themselves. They struggle __________________ for food and water.

Some animals are called ______________because they __________________ on other animals.

Complete the following web diagram.

Bring out the contrast between the two houses with the help of the following points.

House of March House of Laurence
1. Old, brown house a. ___________________
2. ___________________ b. Well kept grounds
3. Children played all around. c. ___________________
4. ___________________ d. No motherly face smiled at the windows.

The extract deals with the atmosphere of two homes. Collect the words associated with - Home.

Narrate in 100 words an incident, that illustrates the way a friend of yours ‘made you feel happy and accepted’, at some point in your life.

Use your imagination and extend the story in about 100 to 150 words.

Discuss with your partner the various hazards and risks that a mountaineer/ trekker has to face in an expedition.




Glance through the text again and explain the qualities of Tenzing Norgay. Pick lines that show his unique qualities. One is done for you.

Sr No. Qualities Lines
1. Patriotic I told Colonel Hunt that I was carrying the Indian flag with me and I would like it to be on the top with other flags.



Look at the sentences given below. Find out which one is correct. If the sentence is wrong give reasons.

Go to your college library or surf the internet for names of various mountaineers who have successfully climbed Mt. Everest. Write in your notebook about their struggles, the interesting anecdotes they have shared, their failures, and the message that we get from their lives. Submit them to your teacher.

Discuss with your partner and complete the web of different activities related to climbing.

Discuss the following with your partner and complete the following sentence.

Before eating apples brought from the market, I wash and peel them off ____________________.

Discuss the following with your partner and complete the following sentence.

Food adulteration means _________________.

Discuss the following with your partner and complete the following sentence.

In a farmers’ market, we find _______________.

The writer goes in search of an invaluable indigenous variety of seeds. List three reasons for the importance of keeping records of our indigenous agricultural practices.

State whether the following statement is true or false. Correct the false statement.

Hero-worship leads to dictatorship.

State whether the following statement is true or false. Correct the false statement.

One man one vote and one vote one value.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has cited the quotes by John Stuart Mill and Daniel O’Connel. Go through the lesson and write down 4 to 5 lines for each of them.

Write your views/opinions in brief on the following topic.

Steps to be taken to eradicate inequality.

Write your views/opinions in brief on the following topic.

Role of youth in creating social awareness.

There are many career opportunities that can be availed of by a graduate. Discuss and make a list of various opportunities available in the legal field, economics, management, commerce, administration, etc.

Recall your favorite crime story on TV. Discuss with your friend how you could prevent the villain/thief from committing the crime/theft.

Refer to a standard dictionary and find out the meaning of the following word:


Narrate in your own words a similar based on text to the class.

Enlist any four facts which made the capturing of Tiger Hill a national challenge.

Wars are not fought only on the battlefield. Comment.

What vocation/profession/business would you like to take up in the future? Prepare a fact file for the same using the following points.

  1. Name of the vocation/profession/business__________________
  2. Educational qualifications required____________
  3. Work profile/description____________ 
  4. Opportunities for advancement____________ 
  5. Your personal skills/talents for the choice____________

Rewrite the given statements in their order of occurrence.

The most difficult task of maintaining the hold on Tiger Hill was achieved in this way:

  1. 8 Sikh was ordered to attack and capture Helmet and India Gate.
  2. Bodies of the Pakistani soldiers were collected and buried appropriately.
  3. During the ferocious artillery duels, the Grenadiers hung on their precarious perch with grit and determination.
  4. Sikh fought back successfully two counterattacks with forty to fifty personnel.
  5. An ad-hoc column of 8 Sikh climbed the steep rock and captured India Gate.
  6. In spite of heavy casualties, 8 Sikh captured Helmet on 5 July.

Imagine that you are one of the soldiers from 18 Grenadiers on the mission Tiger Hill. Narrate your experience of the war to your friend.

Frame a pointwise Analysis of the poem ‘The worm’. Use the following points.

  1. Poem and poet:
  2. Theme:
  3. Tone:
  4. Structure and stanzas:
  5. Rhyme and Rhythm:
  6. Language and Imagery:
  7. Figures of Speech:

Would you like to join the Indian Army/Navy/ Air force? If not, suggest other ways in which you could serve your nation.

‘Even small things in nature play a big role. So protect nature!’

Frame some slogans based on the above topic.

Report writing

Study the web diagram and write the characteristics of report writing.

Draft a short speech on the above topic, which you could give at your school assembly. Use the following steps while drafting.

  • Greeting
  • Salutation
  • Self - Introduction
  • Introduction of the topic
  • Body of the Speech
  • Conclusion
  • Expression of gratitude to audience

Write the poem ‘Cherry Tree’ in the form of a story.

You have studied the lesson 'The Call of the Soil' from prose 1.3. Compare 'Cherry Tree' with 'The Call of the Soil' and find out the element of the joy of nurturing for the author and the poet.

If you could change the end of the story i.e. after the Swallow refused to fly to Egypt, how would you change it? Summarise your idea in 10 to 12 lines.

'Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy'. Fill in the boxes supporting this statement. Complete the following web diagram.

The poet is prompted to call the sower an ‘august personality’ which means one who has reached the highest position in his workplace.

Explain this using the following point.

Hard work

Pick out the examples of alliteration from the poem and write them down.

Visit your college library or through the web, quest collects information on the ‘Green Revolution’ and ‘White Revolution’ in our country.

The poet has described two different shades of human feelings by using imagery of various forces of Nature in the poem. Pick out the terms or phrases that describe them. Complete the table given below. One is done for you.

Nature Feelings
Faded forests Sad/gloomy

You have just returned after your first experience of the kite - festival in Gujarat/Ahmedabad. You were thrilled with the festivities.

Write a short report about the kite - festival for your local newspaper. Give an attractive headline, a dateline, and an account of the kite - festive. Write the report in the third person with more use of Passive voice.

Write a summary of the poem with the help of the points given below:

  • Title
  • Introductory paragraph (about the poem/ type/nature/tone)
  • Main body (central idea/gist of the poem)
  • Conclusion/ opinions/views/appeal.

‘Earth has not anything to show more fair.’

This line expresses the poet’s feelings. The sight he saw from the bridge is beautiful. There are a few more lines similar to the above. With the help of your partner find them and discuss what they express.

Compose an imaginary dialogue between Sue and Johnsy, when they realise about what Behrman had done for Johnsy.

Make a paraphrase of the poem ‘Leisure’ in your own simple words. Write it down in your notebook.

Discuss with your partner and match the following expressions given in column A with their interpretations in column 'B'.

Sr.No. A B
1. While Chief Baron Ear sat to balance the laws. (a) Eyes are refrained from using spectacles.
2. They are made with the straddle as wide as the ridge of the Nose is. (b) The responsibility of giving a verdict rested on the shoulders of the hearing organ.
3. That whenever the Nose put his Spectacles on, by daylight or candlelight Eyes should be shut! (c) Spectacles are meant for none other than the nose.
4. So his lordship decreed with a grave solemn tone, decisive and clear, without one if or but. (d) The judge delivered a firm verdict without any doubt.

Explain the extended metaphor related to dentistry in the poem.

Give suggestions to protect our national heritage monuments.

Compose four lines expressing the grief of having lost nature due to modernisation.

Guess the meaning of the above proverbs and write them down along with a sentence of your own.

Discuss with your partner on the following topic. Express your views and opinions in favour of and against the topic.

Are sports essential in Jr. Colleges?

Gather information about the following insects. Draw their images or get pictures. On one sheet each, fix the image/picture and below it write the information. Compile these pages and make a file of ‘Insects - our friends’.
Insects : Bee/Praying mantis/Butterfly Beetle/ Wasp/Dragon-fly


  • Read the first three paragraphs on Page 92. (From......... ‘One morning .............. up to ............ a discussion after hall)
  • Re-read the same noting down only important points.
  • Rewrite the important points in your own simple language, in your notebook.
  • Make certain that your summary is less than half the length of the original passage.

Convert the stories into dialogues and read the dialogues aloud in the class.

Form pairs and make a ‘pair presentation’ of any one of the two stories. To do so, each person presents only one sentence at a time, and the next one is immediately presented by the partner. Thus, each person in the pair presents alternate sentences without breaking the flow of the narration.

Write a letter to your friend about the Great Indian Bustard. You may use the following points :

  • Why we need to protect the bird.
  • What you plan to do to help the bird.

Multinational companies expect a different type of Professional CV. Browse through the net to gather information about it.

Complete the table. One is done for you.

  The World around you What we should aim to be
1. Callous Caring for people, environment, life
2. Violent  
3. Greedy  
4. Corrupt  

Visit a library. Find a school poem. Recite it to your parents.

A Project: ‘Sources of Light’

List all possible sources of light which enable you to see. Try to list at least 10 to 15. You may add the following to your list: Different kinds of lamps in your house, different sources you see in nature, different sources used by man in the past, etc.

Think of different ways of classifying them, for example, electric and non-electric, day-time sources and night-time sources

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ Mahatma Gandhi

Collect some more quotes on education by famous thinkers.

Complete the following sentences.

The factors that have made 'The Jungle Book' a great movie are - _________________.

  1. It's a fantasy world of wonder.
  2. _____________________________
  3. _____________________________
  4. _____________________________

The present review concludes with two words 'Heartwarming and enjoyable'. Write your opinion about 100 to 150 words.

The priorities of the Sergeant are shifted. Complete the given table by using the given clues.

priorities of the Sergeant priorities at the end of the play
in the beginning patriotism
law and duty  -

Interpret the following lines in simple English.

Puck: I’ll follow you.

Bottom: The Finch, the sparrow.

Make a ‘pair presentation’ of the poem, in the class.

Describe the climax scene in your own words. Write your comments on it.

Write down the consequences of the following occurrences with the help of the play.

Dr. Thomas Stockmann wants an article exposing social evils to be printed in the newspaper.

Write down the consequences of the following occurrences with the help of the play.

Katherine encourages Dr. Stockmann to proceed in his attempts in the cause of public attempts.

Watch the advertisements on TV. Choose any one of them for group discussion and analysis. Write your report in the advertisement.

From the passage, find and write any two examples of the following:

Sentences containing

  • ‘must’
  • ‘can’.

Given in a mixed order below are some good human attributes of the family. Pick out from the box and write it against the line that reflects it.

He believed, his daughter was still alive, after three years.

Narrate the story of Sushruta in your own words.

Prepare a formal invitation using the following format:

Mr and Mrs _______________________ solicit the pleasure of your company on the occasion of the ____________________ of their __________________ on _______________ (day), date _______________.

Venue __________________ Time ____________________

(Include other requests like RSVP, No presents please, etc. at the bottom.)

Write what you think about the following thoughts and actions of Mathilde :

Mathilde wrote a note to her friend as dictated by her husband.

Write what you think about the following thoughts and actions of Mathilde :

Mathilde and her husband decided to replace the necklace.

Imagine what must have happened after Mathilde’s friend discovered that the diamonds were real. Do you think she would return the necklace to Mathilde? Would that make Mathilde happy?

Discuss the following and write about the following in your own words in 5-6 lines.

What would you do, if something like this happens to you?

Think and respond with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

When you are faced with a very serious problem or some grave danger, what do you experience?

Your feelings panic  
wishing you were never born  
no emotion  
calmness and composure  
willingness to tackle it  
Your reactions break down and cry  
run away and hide  
pray to God  
ask for help  
build up courage  
take it as a challenge  

Write the rhyme scheme of the poem.

Give, in your own words, TWO reasons for each of the following :

The woman was reluctant to cross the street by herself.

Give, in your own words, TWO reasons for each of the following :

We must help those who are in need.

Prepare a formal invitation card for the Art Festival.

Chalk out detailed programmes for the following occasions.

  • The Teacher’s Day programme in your school.
  • An exhibition of science projects arranged in your classroom.
  • A wedding anniversary/birthday celebration for your grandparents that you have arranged with your family

Do you have pet animals? Write an interesting story about your own or your friends’ pet.

Write a short passage/essay on ‘Women Power’ in the Neolithic, Medieval, and Present Times.

Write a letter to your Class Teacher or the Principal of your school to make any one of the two following requests.

You wish to start a news bulletin for your school/ class. It will be a one-page bulletin to be published every week. A different group of students will manage the preparation of the bulletin every time.

Hold a discussion in the classroom about the differences between printed newspapers, radio news bulletins, TV news bulletins. Discuss the merits, demerits, and popularity of each.

Write a brief summary of the story of the young man and his spiritual teacher, making the young man the narrator. You may begin as given below. ‘I went quickly to my spiritual teacher for advice because I had______.

Find and write the descriptions of different people given in this story.

According to the poet, how does God help people, when they pray to him for help?

Say ‘WHY’?

The writer found his stay abroad very profitable.

There are many legends about the ‘nine gems’ in Akbar’s Court. These are popular tales and they may not have a historical basis. Can you name some of the nine gems and the stories associated with them?

Write about your own daydream in short.

Prepare an announcement for an occasion.

Read the following Headline and write the dateline, intro, and a short continuing paragraph.

Achievers narrate their success stories at career counseling events.

Ask the students to read different news from English Newspapers and write the given points in the news. 

Read the following Headline and write the dateline, intro, and a short continuing paragraph.

India’s first-ever tourism university to be established by IIHM

Ask the students to read different news from English Newspapers and write the given points in the news.

Write a paragraph and give an appropriate title to it. Use the following points.

Birds and Animals Love and Affection
Loyal Our Best Friends
Serve us Protection and Security
Kindness, honesty, compassion Do not hurt or destroy us
Loneliness Avoided

Discuss in pairs and write what your father and mother do for your family.



  • Works hard to earn a living
  • ______
  • ______
  • ______
  • ______
  • keeps the house clean
  • ______
  • ______

Prepare and present a speech on ‘My Favourite Place’.
Use the following points.

  • Name of the place
  • Its special features
  • The reason why you like it

Write a letter to any one of the following to tell them how much you appreciate them.

  • Your mother
  • Your father
  • Any one of your relatives
  • Your teacher

Imagine you are Dorothy and write about the day’s events in 5-8 lines in your (Dorothy’s) diary.

Form groups of 5-8. In each group, rewrite the story in the form of a play. Present scenes from your play in the classroom.

Prepare and present a short speech on the following.

An inspiring incident in the life of a great leader.

Write a short essay on the following.

What I would like to do for my country.

Write an autobiography of a hundred-rupee note. (8-10 lines.)

Find more topics from your Environmental Studies or Mathematics textbooks for drawing tree diagrams. Draw and label the diagrams.

Life on earth began with unicellular I organisms known as protozoa. The following are the stages of evolution of animals. Invertebrates are animals without a backbone, for e.g., a snail. The vertebrates are animals which have a backbone. E.g. Aquatic animals like fish. Animals which: live in water and also on land are called amphibians. E.g. A frog. A few invertebrates are worms and mosquitoes and a few I vertebrates are reptiles.

Dos and Don’ts for delivering a speech. Add some more points.

Dos Don'ts
Talk slowly Don’t mumble
Emphasize keywords Don’t look up /down

Your goal, this year, is to successfully pass out from secondary school. So let us be SMART and note down the following.

(a) Specific Area:

(Subjects) and number of units/lessons

  1. English 4 units
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______
  6. ______

(b) Measurable:

Comparison of scores in previous examinations and in recent one.

Test I Test II Semester I
1. Poor Fair Fair

(c) Achievable goal:

(Target scores/performance in SSC Exams.)

  1. Good %
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______
  6. ______

(d) Realisitc approach:

Plan of action that matches with your expertise/resources.
For example:

  1. Make a study time table and follow it regularly.
  2. __________________
  3. __________________
  4. __________________
  5. __________________

(e) Time-bound Action:

Days required for revision

Subject Days for revision
1. English  

Read about the space mission of Sunita Williams. Imagine you are going to interview her. Frame 10 to 12 interview relevant questions regarding-

  1. her early life, training
  2. education
  3. her actual flight into space
  4. future plans
  5. her message to viewers.

Describe in your notebook the challenges you faced while learning to ride a bicycle, swimming, or any skill. Take hints from the web to complete your write-up.

Create a Personal Particular for your class with support from your teacher and collect personal and educational information.

Expand the theme in a write-up of about 20 lines.

‘Books are our real friends’

Look inside your thinking hat. Read the evidence/sentences given below and offer a possible explanation of what happened in this house? Make up some questions to gather more information. Now collect all your evidences and write a story in your notebook. Give a suitable title.

Divide the class in four groups. Collect four different stories written by Sudha Murthy. Select a story for every group and write it in the form of a play. Enact it in front of the class.

How can you prove this maxim to be incorrect - ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. Write a counterview on the given topic. (Clue -Teamwork)

Among your classmates, one is unable to walk properly, the second one can’t hear properly and the third one can’t see this beautiful world. All of them are facing lots of difficulties in life. Compose a dialogue among them, about the problems and difficulties faced by them. You can take the help of the following dialogue to expand your ideas.

Student 1 Do you know, how many problems I have to face when I decide to go anywhere?
Student 2 I can’t hear anything.
Student 3 So, sad! You both can’t walk or hear but my problem is more serious than yours. You know, I can’t see this beautiful world.

(Now continue in your notebook.)

‘What Men Can Do, Women can do better’ Divide your class in 2 groups. Let one group offer points ‘For the topic’ and the other, ‘Against the topic.’ Note down the points in your notebooks, expand the points in two separate paragraphs of about 15 to 20 lines each. Suggest suitable titles for each.

Read the script from:

Joan (Girl) Good morning, Captain squire (up to)


Polly and Jack have promised to come with me.

Write a summary of that part of the script (in Indirect speech) in 15 to 20 lines.

‘There is no short- cut to success’.
Expand this maxim with a suitable introduction, body with examples, and conclusion. Write it in your notebook in about 20 lines.

Collect information from newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and books about any two famous sports women. Prepare their profiles. Use the following format.

Name Details
Date of birth  
State/Team she represents  
Sports/ Games she is associated with  
Debut (first entry)  
Best in her career  
Awards/ Medals received  

Write a newspaper article in about 100 words, comparing the achievements of the two sportswomen based on the information you have already collected.

Your class has to stage a Puppet Show in the Assembly Open Forum on the topic ‘Child Labour’. Divide yourselves into groups and discuss the requirements for the presentation like a storyline, characters, dialogues, choice of puppets, and music for the interlude. Now complete the dialogues given below.

Ramesh Let us present a Puppet Show on CHILD LABOUR for our Assembly Open Forum.
Mohammed That is a very good idea! Let us start planning right away.
Geetha _______________________________________________________?
Leema I suggest we begin with the storyline first.
Mani How ___________________________________________________ ?
Ramesh We can have around five characters.
Mohammed What __________________________________________________ ?
Meena We can focus on the problems of poverty and illiteracy as the major reasons for child labour.
Ramesh Can _________________________________________________?
Leema I am good at making stick puppets. I will make them myself. But I require some help.
Mani I ________________________ . Tell me, ______________________. 
Leema Thank you, Mani. Let us stay back after the meeting and discuss.
Ramesh Have ___________________________ ?
Meena I think we should have some music for the interlude.
Geetha That would make it really interesting. I will get my music group to start working on the tunes for our puppet show.

Work in groups and discuss. Then write a diary entry in about 60-80 words describing your feelings and emotions for the given situation.
Imagine, you are Pongo.

Your feelings when you caught the boy.

On the next day, Mr. Scotti was __________ at how the local people responded to his queries.

The fly gives into flattery and becomes the spider’s prey. If you are asked to give a happy ending to the poem, how will you save the fly? Write in your own words.

Write a paragraph of 100 – 120 words about a memorable anecdote/incident of your life.

Write a paragraph of 100 – 120 words about your favourite personality.

What is the name of her diary?

Write a four-line poem with rhyming words describing your family.

Look at the image of the familiar advertisement given below. Identify the product and try to frame your own slogan.

Look at the image of the familiar advertisement given below. Identify the product and try to frame your own slogan for them.

Look at the picture given below and frame your own slogan.

Write a letter to the manager of a famous daily, ordering a subscription for your school library.

You are waiting for your exam results. ______

It is very late at night and your father hasn’t returned from the office. ______

Write an article for the following.

Recently while returning home from school you were knocked down by a speeding motorcycle. You escaped with minor injuries. You are Kishore/ Kavitha of class XI, studying in GHSS, Coimbatore. Write an article to The Hindu, in about 150-200 words expressing your concern about the increasing number of road accidents due to reckless driving. Also, stress the importance of following traffic rules.

Fill in the template given for limerick.

There once was a ______(8 syllable)

______(8 syllable)

______(5 syllable)

______ (5 syllable)

______(8 syllable)

Draft Letter for the following.

You are Ajeet, living in a remote village in Tirunelveli. You participated in a health camp organized by your school. You were surprised to observe that most of the residents were unaware of health and hygiene. As a concerned citizen, write a letter to the editor stating the need to organize such camps focusing on the importance of health and hygiene.

Draft Letter for the following

You are Sudha. Your neighbour has a pet dog that barks continuously. Write a letter to the Editor of a weekly newspaper of your locality, highlighting the nuisance and noise pollution created thus. Also, suggest ways to solve the problem.

Write a paragraph comparing Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. The following words will help you to write a compare and contrast paragraph.

Similarities Differences
is similar to on the other hand
both however
also But
too in contrast to
  differs from

Write a letter of inquiry for the following.

Venkat hails from a remote village of Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu who aspires to become an IAS officer. Currently, he is in class X. He notices an advertisement on free classes for the IAS aspirants by a trust in a news paper. He writes a letter to the coordinator of the trust inquiring for further details.

Create a pamphlet for the following:

Make an attractive pamphlet for your school’s Fair organised for raising funds for (any) relief (Specify the date, time, types of stalls, and the reasons for the fair).

Create a pamphlet for the following.

Make a pamphlet on the latest gadgets (Mention the variety of models, uses, needs, and availability).

If you are asked to choose from any one of these toys which one do you choose? Give reasons. (plastic toys, wooden toys, clay toys, metallic toys)

Your friend has presented a beautiful art piece on your birthday. Write a letter to her appreciating her art work.

You have prepared some eco-friendly craft materials like paper mache dolls, greeting cards, book marks, festoons, garlands, quilling jewellery etc for an Art Mela to be conducted in your school premises. Describe in a few sentences how you made the craft work. Include the following details in your writing.

  • Name of the craftwork
  • Materials used
  • Nature (handy / eco-friendly / longlasting / affordable price )
  • Use (place / person / time)

Using the given informal letter as a model, write a letter about the topic given below.

Write a letter to your father asking permission to go on an educational tour.

Develop the following hints.

Akbar - Birbal - courtiers jealous of Birbal - ask Akbar - test Birbal wiseness - Courtier puts a question - How many crows in Agra - Birbal asks for a week - every day sitting on the terrace - looking at the crows- after a week - courtier asks - Birbal says 156757 crows - asks the courtier to check- Akbar laughs.

Develop the following hints.

Tortoise - hare - forest - tortoise walking- seen by a hardware laughs - tortoise speed - tortoise sad - bet - race - tortoise moving- slow speed -hare moves - fast - sleepy tortoise - reaches a winning point - first - wins the bet.

Develop the following hints.

A wood cutter - cutting wood - dropped his axe in the pond - started weeping - an angel appeared - asked what the matter was - brought a golden axe - from the pond - wood cutter did not accept - brought a silver axe - not accepted - brought an iron axe - accepted - pleased with the honesty - offered all the axes to him.

Read the story of Neerja Bhanot. Make notes based on the table and complete it.

Father’s Name & Occupation  
Mother’s Name & Occupation  
Born on  

School :

Personal Life  
Died on  
Place of Death  

“The Himalayas are the highest mountain ranges.” He knew that the Himalayas ______ the highest mountain ranges.

Read scene I. Discuss with your partner what Mrs Reed might write about Jane in her letter to the owner of a school. Now complete her letter to Mr. Brocklehurst.

Write a paragraph from the contents of the table given below. Frame sentences with these words – but, as well as, whereas.

eg. A turtle as well as a tortoise belongs to the reptile family.

Tortoise Turtle
reptile family reptile family
land animal sea animal
has a long life lives for many years
uses tiny feet to walk uses flippers to swim
eats grass, weeds and flowers eats insects and bugs

Describe the picture in about fifty words and give a suitable title. Make use of the words/phrases given below.

many sea animals wonders ocean fishes different colours
sizes varieties rare species deep sea under the sea  

What does the poet say about the crocodile? Write in your own words. (in about fifty words)

Arrange the picture in order by writing the numbers 1,2,3 and 4 in the given boxes and write this familiar story in about 100 words.

Make use of the words given below.

thirsty, village, pitcher, disappointment, pebbles, water level

One hot day, a thirsty crow _____________________________________________________________

Your mother has written a message for you before going out. Write a message to her after finishing your lunch.

Write about the following in your message.

  • You ate lunch______. 
  • What you liked______ (mention the dish). 
  • You have cleaned the kitchen ______. 
  • You are going out to play. ______(mention when you will be back).

Fill in the form given below.


Write a formal email to Mr. Sundar Pitchai CEO of Google, requesting him for an appointment to interview him.

Read the informal letter given below.

Sender’s address:

15, Beach Road
Date: 10th July 2018

Salutation: Dear Rosy,

Body of the letter:

How are you? I am fine. I couldn’t write earlier, because I was very busy.

I like my new home. It is a lovely house. I have a big bedroom looking over the garden. I helped Mummy paint the bedroom walls yesterday. We chose a pretty yellow.

A boy called Sundar lives next door. He likes animals not just like we do but even more. He says he is going to be a Vet when he grows up.

I am still thinking about being a writer. Do you want me to send the story I am writing. It is all about Ooty – the Queen of Hill Stations.

Write soon. I am looking forward to hear all your news.

Subscription: Yours lovingly

Signature: Mangai

Now write a reply to Mangai.

Sender’s Address  
Body of the letter  

Pick out the nouns from the poem. Write as many Cinquain poems as you can.

Trees can help you recognise seasons. How do the trees look different in each season? Write a short paragraph with the clues given below.

  • Summer - Trees stretch their leafy branches towards the sun. 
  • Spring - Branches are full of new green leaves.
  • Rain - Trees absorb water and look green. 
  • Autumn - Trees shed their leaves.

Find example of alliteration and write them in the blank.

in a blaze of heat

with sunny smiles.

Work in groups and write a paragraph on “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Look at the cartoon strips. Create your own humorous story.

Write a sentence or two for each frame of the comic strip in the space given.

Make the children write their own story. The following questions will help them to write. Ask them to gather information from their parents before writing and to give a title.

  1. When were you born?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. What is your father’s name and what is he?
  4. What is your mother’s name and what is she?
  5. What is your birth order?
  6. Do you have any nickname, if yes, reason for that?
  7. An interesting incident that happened in your life.

Write the hungry fox story on your own by looking at the pictures and using the clues given under each picture.

Application form annual day participation.

Write some sentences about the picture. 

It, is, has, walks, elephant, legs, tusk, trunk, big, long, slowly, strong.

Write the dialogue and complete the story.

Write a narrative paragraph on Kamarajar, using the given information and add more information on your own.

Write the contraction for the following phrase.

has not - ______

The words in the clouds describe something or someone in the story. Name them in the blanks provided. Make sentences of your own with the words given in the clouds.

Fill in the blank by choosing the preposition from the option.

The children walked ______ the bridge.

What will Glory say? Do you think you can help Glory by giving some ideas to Ravi?


You can write a story about the ______ and the ______.

Ravi Great idea! Thank you!
Glory ______ Ravi.

Letters to friends and close family are written in the same way as you speak to them.

Krishna Boys’ Hostel      writer’s address

Model Public School


10th July 2000     date

My dear Ma,     greeting

This is my first letter after the summer vacation. We started our classes the day after we reached the hostel. I have settled in well.      introduction

We have a new teacher for clay modeling and pottery. She tells us how to make fruits and vegetables with clay. We then paint them. They look so real.   body

We have an inter-house poetry recitation coming up in August. I am really excited about it. It is a long poem but we learn it together with our teacher.

It is nice to be back in school with my friends and teachers. I remember you and Baba a lot. Give my love to grandmother and grandfather.  ending

Do write back soon.

Your loving son

Pratap,     closing

After reading the letter, answer the following questions.

  1. Who has written the letter?________
  2. To whom has the letter been written? ________
  3. Where is the writer of the letter? _________
  4. What is the name of his hostel? _________
  5. On which date was this letter written?________

Do you want to try to write your own paragraph now?

Write a paragraph on Cow.

  1.  ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______

Do you want to try to write your own paragraph now?

Write a paragraph on Monkey.

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______

Do you want to try to write your own paragraph now?

Write a paragraph on Palm tree.

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______

Fill up the withdrawal form to withdraw Rs.200 from your Savings Account.

I got ______ to see his favourite heroine.

Complete the following picture board.

Correct the use of the describing word in the following sentence.

 He is cleverer than I am.

Punctuate the following sentences using capital letters, full stops (.) commas (,) question marks (?) apostrophe ( ' ) exclamation mark (!) wherever necessary.

dear samir,

i am sending you a photograph of my newest pet frisky is a bulldog and a very playful puppy by next summer he should be old enough to go with us on our long walks i m sure you are looking forward to seeing him I know you will like him

warm regards

Work in groups of four. See the picture of a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean.

Suppose you went deep-sea diving. What would you find? Think of all the words that come to your mind, then build a paragraph. Share your story with other groups.

Who said these words and to whom?

  Who said To whom
“Wake up, dear! Wake up fast!”    
“Ma, who woke me up today?”    
“Why do you sleep at nine every night?”    

Punctuate the following passage.

mother father neelam said i have got a fire engine ive got a fire engine whats this whats this called mother somewhat confused by the noise ive got a fire engine mother come and see it.

Using a red pencil, choose and circle the things whose smell you like. Now with a blue pencil circle the things whose smell you do not like. Make five sentences like this

I like/do not like the smell of ______ because it reminds me of______.

  1. ______.
  2. ______.
  3. ______.
  4. ______.
  5. ______.

Now make one more question for each picture. Write the question in the space below each picture. Use how many, what are, where are/is, how, why, to make questions.

Find one word from the story that means

to be seen nowhere ______.

Alice follows the strange rabbit because she wants to know a number of things. Re-arrange the words to make the questions that Alice has in her mind, and put a question mark (?).

going he is where

Alice follows the strange rabbit because she wants to know a number of things. Re-arrange the words to make the questions that Alice has in her mind, and put a question mark (?).

hurry is in a why he

This is a park where children talk to different animals and birds. Write four sentences about the picture. Use capital letters where required, complete sentences and punctuation.

Now colour the picture.

Make word families. The first word in each has been written for you.

Look at the words given below and put them under the things that they are made of –

Use the above map to answer the questions.

  1. What does the dotted line on the map show?
  2. What road would Ajay take to get to the boat club?
  3. What building is next to the picnic area?
  4. What road passes by Ajay’s house?
  5. What other way could Ajay use to get from his house to his grandmother’s house?

Now write:

Use verbs like go, turn, cross

Use prepositions like: across, between, in front of, beside, near, behind, and write how you get home from school.

The travellers rested under the ______ of trees.

Do you know that there are seven wonders in the world? Can you tell the name of the one which is in India? Find out and write the names of all the seven wonders and the countries they are located in.

  Wonders of the world Countries
(i) The Taj Mahal  
(ii) The Great Wall of China  

Sit in groups of five. Now, each student will tell a story. Decide which story was the best and declare a or of the group.

Here is a report on Uncle Lal’s farm.

Father took me to visit Uncle Lal’s dairy farm. I saw all of Uncle Lal's cows. He has fifty cows. They eat grass in the big green farms. In the evening the farmers bring them to the barn to be milked. Uncle Lal sells his milk in the city.

When writing a report, remember to do these things

  • Think of a good title. Write it correctly.
  • Keep to your subject.
  • Tell things in the right order.
  • Make your paper look neat.

In groups of four, write a report on different brands of ice creams available in your area.

You may use the following clues.

  • Start with a short introduction that contains the topic.
  • Then list the ice cream brands available in your area.
  • Next, say which are the common flavors of ice cream in each of the brands.
  • Under each brand, find out which flavors are being sold the most. Also, find out their prices.
  • Finally, write which do you think is the most popular ice cream.

The ______ sang beautifully.

The girl looked up at the ______of stars.

The old man shouted ______[loud]

The boys played ______[quiet]

What was the daily routine of the grandmother at home?

Animals are capable of empathy. Substantiate this statement with examples from the story as well as your own experiences.

Do you exercise regularly? If you do, which of the following activities do you prefer? Discuss and share with your partner a few ideas about your preference.

  1. walking
  2. working out in a gym
  3. swimming
  4. cycling

Find out when the International Day of Friendship is celebrated.

What did he keep doing while on his rounds?

State whether the following statement are true or false

Bob wanted to stay for half an hour more than the appointed time.

What does each of the following mean in the story? Choose the right option.

arm in arm:

What did Bob share with the cop about their friendship?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Jimmy Wells from Bob’s point of view?

Why did Mary Kom think that she should not return empty-handed?

What difficulty did she experience while eating Chinese food?

Why was Mary Kom named the ‘Queen of Boxing’ and ‘Magnificent Mary'?

Debate is an essential skill and your classroom is the best place to practice this skill. Your teacher will now divide the class into two groups and organize a debate on the topic “Fast food tastes better than nutritious food.” The following points may help you to participate and speak in a debate. One group will speak FOR the motion and the other group will speak AGAINST the motion. Now prepare a speech for the debate.

As Sletherby, would you apologize to Bertie for your rude behavior? Give reasons.

Now, refer to a dictionary and match the professions with their relevant job descriptions.

1. pathologist studies languages and their structure
2. ornithologist studies atmosphere, weather and climate
3. entomologist studies the matter that constitutes the earth
4. archaeologist studies earthquakes
5. sociologist studies reptiles and amphibians
6. geologist studies functioning of human society
7. linguist studies artefacts and physical remains
8. seismologist studies birds
9. herpetologist studies insects
10. meteorologist studies diseases

Based on your understanding of the play, complete the Graphic Organiser (GO) suitably.

Who were the patients waiting for?

Are children afraid of visiting the dentist? Give reasons.

What had really happened in the dentist’s room?

Write conversation on the following situation.

Between two friends about uses and abuses of mobile phone

Write conversation on the following situation.

Between two friends on the importance of punctuality

The photographer made the author wait for ______.

The narrator got angry because


He was called on Saturday to ______.

He left the studio saying ______.

Why had Miss Meadows chosen 'A Lament' as the lesson that particular day?

How did Miss Meadows express her joy, when she returned to the music class?

Now write a short story to explain these proverb.

Despair gives courage to a Coward

Fill in the following forms with imaginary details.

Expand EMI - 

Write an application for the post of Personal Secretary to the Managing Director of a company. Include the following details: Educational qualification, experience, various other qualifications required for the post.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has imposed a ban on the use of plastic. Effective implementation of this ban depends on public awareness and individual responsibility.

Write an article of 150 words for your school magazine to create an awareness of the dangers posed by indiscriminate use of plastic. Expand the ideas given below as notes.


a. Introduction

(i) Plastic – synthetic material – doesn’t decompose in soil

(ii) Inevitable role of plastic – man’s day-to-day life

b. Human Health Hazard

(i) Leeching of plastic into food – micro plastic entering food chain

(ii) Human body’s inability to deal with this unnatural substance

(iii) Reaction of microplastic in human body and ill effects

c. Adverse Effects on Plants and Animals

(i) Plastic particles choking waterways – affect aquatic animals

(ii) Ingestion by aquatic and terrestrial animals–blocking of intestines and respiratory passages

d. Environmental Degradation

(i) Manufacturing process and burning of plastics–pollute atmosphere

(ii) Plastic–non-biodegradable – interferes with soil microorganisms – affects soil fertility

e. Conclusion

(i) Suggestions for restricted use – alternatives for one-time use of plastics

(ii) Segregation of plastic waste – for recycling

Write an essay of about 200 word 

The profession you would like to choose

Write an essay of about 200 word 

The importance of a balanced diet

Write an essay of about 200 word 

A memorable journey

How does nature communicate with the poet?

The poet immortalizes the tree. Elucidate.

Summarizing is to briefly sum up the various points from the notes made from the below passage.

The Sherpas were nomadic people who first migrated from Tibet approximately 600 years ago, through the Nangpa La pass and settled in the Solukhumbu District, Nepal. These nomadic people then gradually moved westward along salt trade routes. During 14th century, Sherpa ancestors migrated from Kham. The group of people from the Kham region, east of Tibet, was called “Shyar Khamba”. The inhabitants of Shyar Khamba, were called Sherpa. Sherpa migrants travelled through Ü and Tsang, before crossing the Himalayas. According to Sherpa oral history, four groups migrated out of Solukhumbu at different times, giving rise to the four fundamental Sherpa clans: Minyagpa, Thimmi, Sertawa and Chawa. These four groups have since split into the more than 20 different clans that exist today.

Sherpas had little contact with the world beyond the mountains and they spoke their own language. AngDawa, a 76-year-old former mountaineer recalled “My first expedition was to Makalu [the world’s fifth highest mountain] with Sir Edmund Hillary’’. We were not allowed to go to the top. We wore leather boots that got really heavy when wet, and we only got a little salary, but we danced the Sherpa dance, and we were able to buy firewood and make campfires, and we spent a lot of the time dancing and singing and drinking. Today Sherpas get good pay and good equipment, but they don’t have good entertainment. My one regret is that I never got to the top of Everest. I got to the South Summit, but I never got a chance to go for the top.

The transformation began when the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and the New Zealander Edmund Hillary scaled Everest in 1953. Edmund Hillary took efforts to build schools and health clinics to raise the living standards of the Sherpas. Thus life in Khumbu improved due to the efforts taken by Edmund Hillary and hence he was known as ‘Sherpa King’.

Sherpas working on the Everest generally tend to perish one by one, casualties of crevasse falls, avalanches, and altitude sickness. Some have simply disappeared on the mountain, never to be seen again. Apart from the bad seasons in 1922, 1970 and 2014 they do not die en masse. Sherpas carry the heaviest loads and pay the highest prices on the world’s tallest mountain. In some ways, Sherpas have benefited from the commercialization of the Everest more than any group, earning income from thousands of climbers and trekkers drawn to the mountain. While interest in climbing Everest grew gradually over the decades after the first ascent, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the economic motives of commercial guiding on Everest began. This leads to eclipse the amateur impetus of traditional mountaineering. Climbers looked after each other for the love of adventure and “the brotherhood of the rope” now are tending to mountain businesses. Sherpas have taken up jobs as guides to look after clients for a salary. Commercial guiding agencies promised any reasonably fit person a shot at Everest.

Write slogan to create awareness of the following topic using the tips given above.

  1. Junk food
  2. Labour Day
  3. Save Water
  4. Yoga
  5. Blood Donation

Write a paragraph of about 150 word, on the following topic.

The value of discipline

Write a paragraph of about 150 word, on the following topic.

The importance of Reading

Observe the following picture and write a paragraph in about 150 word about each one of them.

Observe the following picture and write a paragraph in about 150 word about each one of them.

Why did one of the girls wail?

Why did William and the other children bully Margot?

What does the title of the story convey?

The sun brought about a positive change in the attitude of the children. Illustrate the statement.

Preparation of apple juice

You plan to delight your parents and sister, serving them chilled apple juice. Here is the process: (Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs)

Four or five apples ______ (take) and ______(wash) well. They ______(wipe) dry and cut into pieces of medium size. The seeds ______(remove). Then the apples ______(put) into the mixer. Some milk ____(add) .The apples ______(crush) and a fine liquid ______(obtain). This liquid ______(filter) and the juice ______(store) in the refrigerator. It is ______(take) out whenever needed, and after adding sugar, it ______(serve) in cups.

Installing a computer

The description of installing a computer in your study room is given in the form of jumbled sentences. Rearrange the sentences in the right order and form a coherent paragraph.

1. Once you connect the CPU, connect the keyboard and mouse.
2. Before turning on the power, check that all parts are connected to the CPU.
3. First, open the box and take out the computer parts.
4. Plug both the computer and the monitor with a power cord.
5. Set the computer on a table or flat surface.
6. Finally, turn on the power.

Attempt a description of the following process, in about 100 word each, either using the imperative or the passive.

Preparing your favourite dish

Attempt a description of the following process, in about 100 word each, either using the imperative or the passive.

Organising a birthday party in your house

Answer the following question as briefly as possible and with close reference to the relevant text.

Referring closely to the conversation between Prospero and Ferdinand at the beginning of Act IV of The Tempest, bring out Prospero’s concerns as a father.

Write a composition in approximately 350 – 400 words on the following subject:

(You are reminded that you will be rewarded for orderly and coherent presentation of material, use of appropriate style and general accuracy of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.)

International sports promote friendship between nations.
Argue FOR or AGAINST the given statement.

Answer the following question as briefly as possible and with close reference to the relevant text.

Referring closely to the short story, The Sound Machine, describe the encounter between Klausner and Mrs. Saunders. How did it affirm his belief in his own invention?

Answer the following question as briefly as possible and with close reference to the relevant text.

“Then paint the cut with iodine.” With reference to this line, what is your understanding of Klausner? Do you sympathise with him? Give your reasons.

Answer the following question as briefly as possible and with close reference to the relevant text.

Discuss how in the poem Dover Beach the poet, Mathew Arnold, reposes faith in love as a beam of hope amidst the surrounding despair.

Write a composition (300 - 350 words) on the following:

Imagine a situation where a child runs away from home but later returns. Why did he or she run away? What made him/her come back? Write an original short story entitled: 'Finding My Way Home'.

Parents can never be friends with their children. Express your views either for or against this statement.

Write a composition (300 - 350 words) on the following:

Describe an area in your city or hometown which is famous for its street food. Give details of the familiar sights and sounds you would experience on this street.

Write a composition (300 - 350 words) on the following:

It is very important for young people to spend time quietly or alone for a short while every day. If you were given an hour to spend on your own, how will you spend it? What will you learn from the process?

Write a composition (300 - 350 words) on the following:

Study the picture given below. Write a short story or description or an account of what the picture suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or you may take suggestions from it.

You have been given a small sum of money to buy a gift with for a friend. What gift would you choose (specify) and why would you choose this? Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the gift and how it will benefit him/her.

You have planned to organize a health camp at school. Write a letter to the Manager of a supermarket requesting sponsorship for the event. Name the event and explain how it will benefit both the community as well as the supermarket.

Write an e-mail to the General Manager of a local hospital requesting him/her to send a senior doctor to talk to the participants at the event about the quality of mask which would give them the best protection.

Write the contraction for the following phrase.

do not - ______

Write the full form for the following.

who's - ______

Read the given sentence and underline the no word.

I have no coat.

Write a dialogue between a student and teacher on 'Importance of Yoga'.

News Report:

Read the following headline and prepare a news report with the help of the given points:

21-Year-Old Mayur Wins World Chess Championship

Make use of the following guidelines:

  • Headline
  • Dateline
  • Lead line
  • Body of the report

On returning home, Tishani Doshi writes her thoughts reflecting on how her decision to enrol for the Students on Ice programme has been the single most important decision of her life that has completely transformed her.

Imagine yourself to be Tishani and express these thoughts.

You may begin like this:

I can’t thank my stars enough for having cashed in on the opportunity of........

The given bar graph shows the preferences of children in a school in playing different games over the span of six years. Write an analytical paragraph about the given information in about 109 words:

“What man calls civilization always results in deserts. Man is never on the square he uses up the fat and greenery of the earth. Each generation wastes a little more of the future with greed and lust for riches”- Don Marquis

With our modern awareness of ecology are we likely to make sufficient progress in conservation, or are we still in danger of damaging the earth beyond repair? Write a discursive essay discussing the issue being raised.

"That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only which gives everything its value."- Thomas Paine

Do we value only what we struggle for? Plan your response, and then write an essay to explain your views on this issue. Be sure to support your position with specific points and examples. (You may use examples from your reading, observations, and inputs from subjects such as History, Science and literature)

Certainly anyone who insists on condemning all lies should think about what would happen if we could reliably tell when our family, friends, colleagues, and government leaders were deceiving us. It is tempting to think that the world would become a better place without the deceptions that seem to interfere with our attempts are genuine communication. On the other hand, perhaps there is such a thing as too much honesty. - Adapted from Allison Kornet, "The Truth About Lying"

Would the world be a better place if everyone always told the complete truth? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

It is widely believed that people do their best work when they are promised rewards for their achievements. Our schools and workplaces operate on the assumption that good work occurs when people are competing for grades, money, or recognition from others. In truth, the prospect of rewards provided by others can inhibit and limit people’s drive and creativity. People do their best work when motivated from within by their enjoyment of a particular challenge and their satisfaction in doing something well.

What do you think motivates people to do their best? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observation.

Write a dialogue between a student and teacher on 'Importance of Yoga'.

Write letter to your father asking permission to go on a educational tour.

Write a dialogue between a student and teacher on 'Importance of Yoga'.

Using the given informal letter as a model, write a letter on the topic given below.

Write a letter to your father asking permission to go on an educational tour.

Imagine someone has invited your family to a programme and you were the only person at home when the invitation was given orally.

Write a note (4-5 lines) to pass on the message to the other people in your family. Or, Write an imaginary conversation in which you pass on the message to your parents.

Imagine someone has invited your family to a program and you were the only person at home when the invitation was given orally. Write a note (4-5 lines) to pass on the message to the other people in your family. Or, Write an imaginary conversation in which you pass on the message to your parents.

Which one of the following is correctly matched?

Group Discussion:

You along with your friends Sujit, Rohit and Kishore discussing their likes and dislikes. But all are fascinated with the reading habit. Write a short group discussion in the form of dialogue telling the importance of reading for enhancing knowledge.

Write a dialogue between a student and teacher on 'Importance of Yoga'.

Imagine someone has invited your family to a programme and you were the only person at home when the invitation was given orally.

Write a note (4-5 lines) to pass on the message to the other people in your family. Or, Write an imaginary conversation in which you pass on the message to your parents.

In H.C. Anderson's story, what forces the Little Match Girl to go about selling matches on the street?

Write a dialogue between a student and teacher on 'Importance of Yoga'.

Using the given informal letter as a model, write a letter on any one of the topics given below.

Write letter to your father asking permission to go on a educational tour.

Life is a series of choices that we make every day. Narrate an incident when you had to make a difficult choice. Elaborate on the positive impact it had on you.

One cannot always get what one wants and sometimes it is for the best. Present your reflections on this statement.

As a member of the Student Council of your school, you wish to set up a Food Club to promote healthy eating habits among students. Write a proposal in not more than 150 words, outlining the steps that you will take to make this club a success.

Complete the following sentence by providing a reason:

In the poem, The Darkling Thrush, the poet thinks the bird had some awareness which the poet did not because ______.

Complete the following sentence by providing a reason:

Towards the end of the poem Birches, the poet expresses a wish to return to Earth because ______.

Referring closely, to Act III Scene III, relate the stern warning of Ariel to the "three men of sin". What impact does his warning have on the three sinners?

Magic is used to manipulate, intimidate and amaze the various characters in the play. Give your views on this statement by referring to any two examples from the Acts studied.

Referring closely to the short story, The Singing Lesson, show how the Headmistress’ summons to Miss Meadows eventually brings the latter out from cold despair to a realm of hope, love and joy.

With close reference to the short story, To Build a Fire, discuss how the Man's lack of imagination led to his paralysing death while the dog's primitive instincts helped him to survive.

Do you think that friendship is not a matter of age but of emotional connect? Give your views with close reference to V.S. Naipaul's short story B. Wordsworth.

How does the poem, Crossing the Bar, portray the poet's deep affirmation and faith in God?

Do you have a role model? What qualities do you appreciate in your role model?

Read the following questions and answers. Form pairs and frame similar questions and answers for this website. How to use this website:

How to use this website :

  1. If I want to buy a story book on this website, where can I find it?
    - In the categories on the left, in the options under Books you will find story books. Click that option.
  2. I want a CD of the dictionary.
    - Go to ‘e-learning’. Under that Click the ‘dictionary’ option.
  3. Where can I look for books in the Hindi language?
    -You can go to the Languages option on the left and tick the box before Hindi.
  4. How can I find what discounts are available?
    - Under the filters on left you will find discounts.
  5. Are there any specific deals/offers on specific days?
    - There is a CSY (Chalashikuya) deal. You can click on it and find out the deal of the day.
  6. Can I purchase only one thing at a time?
    - No, you can buy many things at a time. Select whatever you want and add to the cart and then browse again for another product.
  7. When will my order be delivered?
    - Maximum in 10 working days. You can also track your order by clicking the icon ‘track order.’
  8. There is one icon ‘Gift Coupons’. What does it mean?
    - You can give a gift coupon to your friend by using this icon and he/she can purchase the product of his/her choice with the help of it.
  9. Is this site only for purchasing?
    - No, you can also sell your old books and other educational things here.
  10. How can I find out whether the product is good or not?
    - You can see the ratings and reviews of users below each product.

Translate the following sentence into your mother tongue.

The first question we must ask ourselves before we speak is - is it true?

Translate the following sentence into your mother tongue.

The second question to ask is - is it pleasant?

Find some examples of antithesis from your mother tongue and translate them into English.

Think before you use! Name some ‘ready to eat’ and ‘ready to cook’ food items available in the market. Discuss the following in groups.

  1. Discuss whether it is necessary to use such items and why they are sold.
  2. Discuss the possible adverse effects of such food items.

Your younger sister wants to eat something tasty. You are telling her the recipe of one such food item. Prepare a dialogue about it.

What might success mean to the following people? Think about it and write.

A student

What might success mean to the following people? Think about it and write.

A doctor

What might success mean to the following people? Think about it and write.

A politician

What might success mean to the following people? Think about it and write.

A person who has applied for a job

What might success mean to the following people? Think about it and write.

A teacher

In your opinion what things will help to make the world a better place? Discuss with your friends and write down at least three of the things.

These two passages are examples of a short introduction to works of art - a short review. They cover the following points:

  • The name of the creator
  • The theme or subject matter
  • Type of art
  • Individual style
  • Presentation techniques
  • Its effect on viewers
  • Message or interpretation

Choose a book/film and review it in short using the points you have listed.

If you want to become a tourist guide at the following places, which languages will you need to learn?

  • Ajanta
  • Belgavi
  • Delhi
  • Tarkarli

Prepare an attractive tourist leaflet for your native place, in English as well as in your mother tongue.

Observe the tourist leaflets given and answer the following.

  1. Which places do these leaflets describe?
  2. What are the main points given in each leaflet?
  3. How can one reach Tadoba?
  4. Which is the best season to visit Tadoba? Why?
  5. List tourism-related words, e.g., tourist, booking etc.

What strategies do you use when you study on your own?

What provisions should be made in public places so that everyone gets the same access to public facilities?

  1. Within one minute, write as many meaningful phrases as possible using the numbers given below. Do not repeat the ideas.
    1. One: ______
    2. Two: ______
    3. Three: ______
    4. Four: ______
    5. Five: ______
    6. Six: ______
    7. Seven: ______
    8. Forty: ______
    9. A hundred: ______
  2. Try to imagine a situation/context where all the above items fit in. Describe it in 8-10 lines.
  3. Think of a title for your passage.
  4. Try to draw a map incorporating your phrases in a meaningful way. (Two examples are given below.) Write a key/index for your map.

Use the following charts to prepare meaningful dialogues.

Use your ideas to fill in the blanks.

Use the following charts to prepare meaningful dialogues.

Use your ideas to fill in the blanks.     

Group Discussion:

You along with your friends Sujit, Rohit and Kishore discussing their likes and dislikes. But all are fascinated with the reading habit. Write a short group discussion in the form of dialogue telling the importance of reading for enhancing knowledge.


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