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Find the Greatest Common Factor (Gcf/Hcf) of the Following Polynomial: 2x3y2, 10x2y3, 14xy - Mathematics


Find the greatest common factor (GCF/HCF) of the following polynomial:
2x3y2, 10x2y3, 14xy

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The numerical coefficients of the given monomials are 2, 10 and 14. The greatest common factor of 2, 10 and 14 is 2.
The common literals appearing in the three monomials are x and y. 
The smallest power of x in the three monomials is 1.
The smallest power of y in the three monomials is 1.
The monomial of common literals with the smallest powers is xy.
​Hence, the greatest common factor is 2xy.

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RD Sharma Class 8 Maths
Chapter 7 Factorization
Exercise 7.1 | Q 13 | Page 4
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