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Find the Force Exerted by the Water on a 2 M2 Plane Surface of a Large Stone Placed at the Bottom of a Sea 500 M Deep. Does the Force Depend on the Orientation of the Surface ? - Physics


Find the force exerted by the water on a 2 m2 plane surface of a large stone placed at the bottom of a sea 500 m deep. Does the force depend on the orientation of the surface?

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Depth of the stone from the water surface, h = 500 m
Area of the plane surface of the large stone, A = 2 m2 
Density of water, ρw = 10kgm−3
Force (F) is given by 

\[F = P \times A = \left( h \rho_w \times g \right)A \left( P = \text{ Pressure }\right)\]

\[ \Rightarrow \text{ F }= \left( 500 \times {10}^3 \times 10 \right) \times 2\]

\[ = {10}^7 \text{ N/ m}^2\]

The force does not depend on the orientation of the rock when the surface area of the stone remains the same. 

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 13 Fluid Mechanics
Q 7 | Page 274
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