Find the Area of an Equilateral Triangle Having Altitude H Cm. - Mathematics

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Find the area of an equilateral triangle having altitude h cm.



Altitude of a equilateral triangle, having side is given by

Altitude = `sqrt(3)/2 a`

Substituting the given value of altitude cm, we get

`h = sqrt(3)/2 a`

`a = 2/sqrt( 3) h cm ` 

Area of a equilateral triangle, say A having each side a cm is given by 

`A= sqrt(3)/4 a^2`

Area of the given equilateral triangle having each equal side equal to `2/sqrt(3) h cm ` is given by; 

`A = sqrt(3)/4 ( 2/sqrt(3) h  cm )^2`

`A = sqrt(3)/4 xx 4/3 h^2`

`A = h^2/sqrt(3)cm ^2`

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Chapter 17: Heron’s Formula - Exercise 17.3 [Page 24]


RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 17 Heron’s Formula
Exercise 17.3 | Q 7 | Page 24

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