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Find the Angle Subtended at the Origin by the Line Segment Whose End Points Are (0, 100) and (10, 0) - Mathematics

Find the angle subtended at the origin by the line segment whose end points are (0, 100) and (10, 0).

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Let the given points be A(0,100), B(10,0) and the origin be denoted by o(0,0)

We know that

In a right angled triangle the angle oppposite the hypotenuse subtend an angle of 90°

Let us find distance AB, AO, BO

`AB = sqrt((10 - 0)^2 + (0 - 100)^2)`

`= sqrt(100 + 10000)`

`= sqrt(10100)` units

`AO = sqrt((0 - 0)^2 + (0 - 100)^2)`

= `sqrt(100)` untis

Her we can see that, `AO^2 + BO^2 = AB^2`

Therefore, ΔAOB is a right angled triangle with AB being the hypotenuse.

So the angle subtended at the origin by the giving line segment is 90°

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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 6 Co-Ordinate Geometry
Exercise 6.2 | Q 53 | Page 17
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