Find the amount of water displaced by a solid spherical ball of diameter 0.21 m. - Mathematics


Find the amount of water displaced by a solid spherical ball of diameter 0.21 m.

`["Assume "pi=22/7]`




Radius (r) of ball = (0.21/2)m = 0.105 m

`"Volume of ball "=4/3pir^3`


= 0.004851 m3

Therefore, the volume of the sphere is 0.004851 m3.

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Chapter 13: Surface Area and Volumes - Exercise 13.8 [Page 236]


NCERT Mathematics Class 9
Chapter 13 Surface Area and Volumes
Exercise 13.8 | Q 2.2 | Page 236

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`["Assume "pi=22/7]`


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