Find a.(b x c), if a=2i+j+3k, b=-i+2j+k and c=3i+tj+2k - Mathematics


Find `veca.(vecbxxvecc), " if " veca=2hati+hatj+3hatk, vecb=-hati+2hatj+hatk  " and " vecc=3hati+hatj+2hatk`



Here `veca=2hati+hatj+3hatk, vecb=-hati+2hatj+hatk and vecc=3hati+hatj+2hatk`



Now `veca.(vecbxxvecc)=(2hati+hatj+3hatk)(3hati+5hatj-7hatk)`

`=veca.(vecbxxvecc)=6+ 5−21=−10`

Concept: Vectors Examples and Solutions
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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 1


If a unit vector `veca` makes angles `pi/3` with `hati,pi/4` with `hatj` and acute angles θ with ` hatk,` then find the value of θ.

Write the value of `vec a .(vecb xxveca)`

If `veca=hati+2hatj-hatk, vecb=2hati+hatj+hatk and vecc=5hati-4hatj+3hatk` then find the value of `(veca+vecb).vec c`


If `veca=2hati+hatj+3hatk and vecb=3hati+5hatj-2hatk` ,then find ` |veca xx vecb|`


Find x such that the four points A(4, 1, 2), B(5, x, 6) , C(5, 1, -1) and D(7, 4, 0) are coplanar.


A line passing through the point A with position vector `veca=4hati+2hatj+2hatk` is parallel to the vector `vecb=2hati+3hatj+6hatk` . Find the length of the perpendicular drawn on this line from a point P with vector `vecr_1=hati+2hatj+3hatk`


If `vecr=xhati+yhatj+zhatk` ,find `(vecrxxhati).(vecrxxhatj)+xy`

Find the angle between the vectors `vec"a" + vec"b" and  vec"a" -vec"b" if  vec"a" = 2hat"i"-hat"j"+3hat"k" and vec"b" = 3hat"i" + hat"j"-2hat"k", and"hence find a vector perpendicular to both"  vec"a" + vec"b" and vec"a" - vec"b"`.

If `vec"a" + vec"b" + vec"c"` = 0, show that `vec"a" xx vec"b" = vec"b" xx vec"c" = vec"c" xx vec"a"`. Interpret the result geometrically?

Using vectors, find the area of the triangle ABC with vertices A(1, 2, 3), B(2, – 1, 4) and C(4, 5, – 1).

Using vectors, prove that the parallelogram on the same base and between the same parallels are equal in area.

Show that area of the parallelogram whose diagonals are given by `vec"a"` and `vec"b"` is `(|vec"a" xx vec"b"|)/2`. Also find the area of the parallelogram whose diagonals are `2hat"i" - hat"j" + hat"k"` and `hat"i" + 3hat"j" - hat"k"`.

If `vec"a" = hat"i" + hat"j" + hat"k"` and `vec"b" = hat"j" - hat"k"`, find a vector `vec"c"` such that `vec"a" xx vec"c" = vec"b"` and `vec"a"*vec"c"` = 3.

The value of λ for which the vectors `3hat"i" - 6hat"j" + hat"k"` and `2hat"i" - 4hat"j" + lambdahat"k"` are parallel is ______.

The vectors from origin to the points A and B are `vec"a" = 2hat"i" - 3hat"j" + 2hat"k"` and `vec"b" = 2hat"i" + 3hat"j" + hat"k"`, respectively, then the area of triangle OAB is ______.

If `|vec"a"|` = 10, `|vec"b"|` = 2 and `vec"a".vec"b"` = 12, then value of `|vec"a" xx vec"b"|` is ______.

The vectors `lambdahat"i" + hat"j" + 2hat"k", hat"i" + lambdahat"j" - hat"k"` and `2hat"i" - hat"j" + lambdahat"k"` are coplanar if ______.

If `|vec"a"|` = 4 and −3 ≤ λ ≤ 2, then the range of `|lambdavec"a"|` is ______.


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