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Film/Book Review Write a Review of a Harry Potter Film / Book Or an Episode of Malgudi Days that You Have Seen. - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

Film/Book Review 

The aim of writing a film review is to judge a film or a book and inform the viewer / reader about it. The reviewer talks about the subject of the film / book being reviewed and how the film maker or director / author has handled the subject. At times the reviewer's aim is to arouse the interest of the viewer/ reader so that she / he wishes to see the film / read the book. Sometimes, the reviewer warns the viewer/ reader why she / he should not see or read a particular film / book. 

Write a review of a Harry Potter film / book or an episode of Malgudi Days that you have seen. 

You must include : 
• the name of the film / book 
• the cast / director/ writer 
• the important characters 
• a very brief outline of the film / book 
• why the film/ book was worth seeing or reading / not worth seeing or reading. 
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Concept: Writing and Grammar
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