Fill in the Blanks: the Hotness of an Object is Determined by Its __ __. - Science


Fill in the blanks:

The hotness of an object is determined by its __ __.



The hotness of an object is determined by its temperature

Concept: Measuring Temperature
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Chapter 4: Heat - Exercises [Page 45]


NCERT Science Class 7
Chapter 4 Heat
Exercises | Q 3.1 | Page 45


Fill in the blanks:

Temperature is measured in degree ___ _.

One litre of water at 30°C is mixed with one litre of water at 50°C. The temperature of the mixture will be

An iron ball at 40°C is dropped in a mug containing water at 40°C.

The heat will

Fill in the blank:

The zero mark in Celsius thermometer is the melting point of ...........

Fill in the blank:

The thermometer used to measure the human body temperature is called the ........... thermometer.

What is a clinical thermometer? State its special feature. Draw a labelled neat diagram of a clinical thermometer showing the range of temperature marked on it.

What is the normal temperature of the human body? How is it indicated in a clinical thermometer?

Tick the most appropriate answer.

The maximum and minimum thermometer is commonly used by a

Fill in the blank.

The temperature at which water freezes is known as ..................

State if the following statement is true or false. Correct the statement if it is false.

A laboratory thermometer has a kink in its capillary tube.

Answer the following in short.

Why is there a slight bend in the capillary tube of a clinical thermometer near the bulb?

Answer the following in short.

What is the function of the bulb in a thermometer?

Answer the following in detail.

What do you understand by the term temperature?

International unit of measuring temperature is ______.

Which of the following temperature conversions is incorrect

K ( Kelvin) = °C ( Celsius) + 273.15

Doctor uses ______ thermometer to measure the human body temperature.

At room temperature Mercury is in ______ state.

Swathi kept a laboratory thermometer in hot water for some time and took it out to read the temperature. Ramani said it was a wrong way of measuring temperature. Do you agree with Ramani? Explain your answer.

Higher Order Thinking question

What must be the temperature in Fahrenheit, so that it will be twice its value in Celsius?

The freezing point of alcohol is less than ______.

What is the average internal temperature of the human body?

Shopkeepers selling ice blocks usually cover them with jute sacks. Explain why.


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