Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Fill in the Blank Micro and Macro Approaches Are ________. - Economics

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blank

Micro and Macro approaches are ________.


  • competitive

  • alternative

  • substitutes

  • complementary

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Micro and Macro approaches are complementary.

Micro and macro approaches are complementary. To know well about the working of an economy, one must have the knowledge of both the branches of economics. It can be said that macroeconomics uses the principles of microeconomics as its foundation and the former is a magnified version of the latter.

Concept: Meaning and Features of Macro Economic
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Micheal Vaz Economics HSC 12th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 8 Introduction to Macro Economics
Exercise | Q 1.5 | Page 68
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