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Fig. Shows a Ray of White Light that Passes Through a Prism and Produces a Spectrum. (A) Name the Phenomenon that is Taking Place. - Physics

One Line Answer

Fig. shows a ray of white light that passes through a prism and produces a spectrum.
(a) Name the phenomenon that is taking place.
(b) What colour would you see at X and Y?
(c) What radiation would you detect above X and below Y?

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(a) Dispersion
(b) Red colour at X and violet colour at Y.
(c) Above X, we would detect infra-red radiation and below Y, ultra-violet radiation.

Concept: Refraction of Light - Refraction of Light Through a Glass Block and a Triangular Prism
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2
Chapter 2 Light
Exercise | Q 3 | Page 117
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