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Facts: Manohar and Dev Are Childhood Friends. One Day While Ploughing the Field They Have an Argument and End up in Blows. Satish, Another Farmer, Has to Intervene and Separate Them. - Legal Reasoning


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Facts: Manohar and Dev are childhood friends. One day while ploughing the field they have an argument and end up in blows. Satish, another farmer, has to intervene and separate them. Manohar swears that he will take revenge. In the evening Satishtells Dev that Manohar wants to reach a settlement and asks him to wait near the Mukhiya’s farmland behind the rose bush. Dev sits behind the bush and waits. Meanwhile, Satish goes to Manohar and tells him that wild animals have attacked theMukhiya’s farmland and asks Manohar to bring his shotgun to scare the animals away. On reaching the farm, Satish shouts out loudly that he has spotted a leopard behind the rose bush and asks Manohar to fire at the bush. Manohar fires two rounds. The bullet hits and kills Dev.
Principle: Whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death or bodily injury as is likely to cause death or with the knowledge that he is likely by such act to cause death commits the offence of culpable homicide.


  • Manohar is guilty of homicide since he fired the gun

  • Manohar is not guilty of homicide since he did not see Dev

  • Satish is guilty of homicide since he knew Dev was behind the bush

  • Both Satish and Manohar are equally guilty of homicide since they both contributed to the death of Dev

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Satish is guilty of homicide since he knew Dev was behind the bush

In the abovementioned situation, Satish is guilty of homicide, ie, murder, since he knew the direct consequences of misleading Manohar. He knew that by asking Manohar to shoot in Dev's direction he would be putting Dev's life in peril. HenceSatish is liable for Dev's murder.

Concept: Law of Torts (Entrance Exams)
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