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Explain Four Factors that Influence the Efficiency of Labour. - ICSE Class 10 - Economics

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Explain four factors that influence the efficiency of labour.


Factors influencing the efficiency of labour:

1) Ability and willingness of the workers to work and to learn skills depend on the health of a worker and therefore on the wage rate and the standard of living. The improvement in the standard of living leads to an improvement in health through better nourishment. It also depends on the average age of any labour.

2) Literacy is perhaps the first priority to improve the efficiency of labour. Adequate provisions for imparting training to the workers will improve the efficiency of labour.

3) Climatic differences affect the efficiency of labour in production. The hot and humid climate of most of the states of India is a factor which deprives the people to work hard and the ability to display high efficiency.

4) A healthy and conducive work environment increases the level of efficiency. The facilities available in the workplace determine the labour efficiency to a great extent.

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 2013-2014 (March) (with solutions)
Question 5.2 | 5.00 marks
Solution Explain Four Factors that Influence the Efficiency of Labour. Concept: Factors of Production Land.
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