Fact: Ramu Cuts Down a Tree on Rinku'S Ground, with the Intention of Dishonestly Tatting the Tree Out of Rinku'S Possession Without Rinku'S Consent. a Could Not Take the Tree Away. - Legal Reasoning


The question consists of two statements, one labelled as principle and other as Fact. You are to exa.mine the principle and apply it to the given facts carefully and select the best option.

PRINCIPLE: Whoever, intending to take dishonestly any movable property out of the possession of any person without that person'S consent moves that property, such tatting is said to commit theft.

FACT: RAMU cuts down a tree on RINKU'S ground, with the intention of dishonestly tatting the tree out of RINKU'S possession without RINKU'S consent. A could not take the tree away.


  • RAMU can be prosecuted for theft

  • RAMU cannot be prosecuted for theft

  • RAMU can be prosecuted for attempt to theft

  • RAMU has neither committed theft nor attempt to commit theft



RAMU can be prosecuted for theft

Concept: Indian Contract Act (Entrance Exams)
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