Extend the Following Extract B) Adding an Imaginary Paragraph of Your Own {About 120 Words): - English

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Short Note

Extend the following extract by adding an imaginary paragraph of your own {about 120 words):
My mother brought me up-to-date on events in Dehra. "Padre Dutt managed to retrieve the skeleton from police. custody. and it was interred in a comer of the cemetery not far from your grandfather's grave. I attended the funeral with two or three other old-timers who had known the Greens Miss Kellner is bedridden now and could not come. Padre Dull is gelling on too, and is a little absent-minded. It was raining heavily) during the funeral service and by mistake he read out the 'Burial al Sea· Not that anyone seemed to notice. Anyway, he had arranged for a decent coffin, and there's to be a tombstone too. paid for out of church funds and with a contribution from our Sardarji, the present owner of the hotel. So poor Mrs. Green has found a final resting - place. May she rest in peace!" 

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I kept looking at all my fellow students, the girls, in particular, trying to look for that little girl with a sweet voice. After hearing the faint, soft voice saying ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’, filled with delight and hope. Ture in her words, the very next evening she came, this time with pear and a loaf of bread. I began to be hopeful and pray that one day when we were at peace I would meet her. I somehow knew she would return and also felt certain that she’d bring me something to eat. I began to daydream and soon saw myself as a young man in a college in Europe.
I was filled with joy and couldn't thank her enough.
Concept: Paragraph Writing
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