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E-governance speeds up governmental processes.



Revolution in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has the potential of elevating the governance process to new levels. That is the reason why countries around the world are increasingly opting for ‘e-Governance’. Governance has become more complex and varied in the last few decades. Citizens’ expectations from the government have also increased manifold. ICT facilitates efficient storing and retrieval of data, instantaneous transmission of information, and processing of information and data faster than the earlier manual systems. This helps in speeding up governmental processes, taking decisions expeditiously and judiciously, increasing transparency, and enforcing accountability. It also helps in increasing the reach of government both geographically and demographically.

Over the years, a large number of initiatives have been undertaken by various State Governments and Central Ministries to bring in an era of e-Government. Efforts have been made at various levels to improve the delivery of public services and simplify the process of accessing them. e-Governance in India has evolved from the computerization of Government Departments to such initiatives in Governance, such as citizen centricity, service orientation, and transparency.

The objective of the National e-Governance Plan of the Government of India is to bring public services closer home to citizens. This is to be achieved by building a countrywide infrastructure reaching down to the remotest of villages and large-scale digitization of records to enable easy, reliable access over the internet. Today applications for a birth certificate, death certificate, PAN card, or even a Passport can be done online. This has brought the administration closer to people.

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Chapter 5: Contemporary India: Good Governance - Exercise Q.4 [Page 58]


Balbharati Political Science 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 5 Contemporary India: Good Governance
Exercise Q.4 | Q 1 | Page 58

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