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Exploitation of Poor by Rich Can Be Stemmed Only If the State Exercises Complete Control Over Agriculture and Industrial Production. - Logical Reasoning


Exploitation of poor by rich can be stemmed only if the state exercises complete control over agriculture and industrial production. But state control is beset by two evils; corruption and delay. The net result is that if man tries to escape from one evil, then he is trapped by another. Suffering, hence, is inescapable. The argument presented above seems to imply the following conclusions. Identify the one which is least dubious. Apply common sense.


  • If agriculture and industrial production can be abolished, we can free ourselves from all forms of evil

  • To avoid evil austere life shall be encouraged

  • The gap between poor and rich can be bridged by heavily taxing the rich and passing on the largesse to the poor

  • Man is, by nature, dishonest.

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To avoid evil austere life shall be encouraged


Only if an austere life is encouraged can one expect people to stop indulging in greed. In such a case one can expect both the state to be free of corruption and the rich to stop exploiting the poor. This is the least dubious of all conclusions that can emerge out of the para.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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