Explain Why Nomadic Tribes Need to Move from One Place to Another. What Are the Advantages to the Environment of this Continuous Movement? - Social Science

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Explain why nomadic tribes need to move from one place to another. What are the advantages to the environment of this continuous movement?



Nomadic tribes need to move from one place to another because of seasonal changes. They seek to make effective use of pastures available in different areas. Many factors are taken into consideration to initiate movement to or from an area. These factors are availability of water and pasture, smooth movement through different territories, and cordial relationship with farmers while travelling so that their cattle can be allowed to graze (and in turn manure the soil). This also allows nomadic tribes to practice many occupations such as cultivation, trade and herding.

This continuous movement is advantageous to the environment because the nomadic tribes allow pastures to recover and regain fertility. Also, pastures are not rendered completely barren by exploitative and long use.

Concept: Pastoral Nomads and Their Movements
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Chapter 5: Pastoralists in the Modern World - Exercises [Page 116]


NCERT Class 9 (Social Science) History - India and the Contemporary World 1
Chapter 5 Pastoralists in the Modern World
Exercises | Q 1 | Page 116

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