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Explain Why Meiosis and Gametogenesis Are Always Interlinked? - Biology

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ConceptSexual Reproduction Pre-fertilisation Events - Gametogenesis


Explain why meiosis and gametogenesis are always interlinked?

Solution 1

Meiosis is a process of reductional division in which the amount of genetic material is reduced. Gametogenesis is the process of the formation of gametes. Gametes produced by organisms are haploids (containing only one set of chromosomes), while the body of an organism is diploid. Therefore, for producing haploid gametes (gametogenesis), the germ cells of an organism undergo meiosis. During the process, the meiocytes of an organism undergo two successive nuclear and cell divisions with a single cycle of DNA replication to form the haploid gametes.

Solution 2

In sexual reproducing organisms, meiosis occurs during gametogenesis to reduce the diploid number of chromosomes (2n) to haploid number of chromosomes (n) in the gametes. Thus, gametes are formed as a result of meiosis so that their chromosome number.

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 NCERT Solution for Biology Textbook for Class 12 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organisms
Q: 10 | Page no. 18

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Solution Explain Why Meiosis and Gametogenesis Are Always Interlinked? Concept: Sexual Reproduction - Pre-fertilisation Events - Gametogenesis.
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