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Explain Why India is Characterized as a Quasi Federal State. - Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Explain why India is characterized as a quasi-federal state.

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  1. Bi-Cameral Legislature – The main feature, which is the definition of federalism in which there are at least two levels of governance in the country. There can even be more than two levels of governance but the entire power is not concentrated with one government.
  1. Single Citizenship – All levels of governance with their different jurisdiction govern the same citizens. This means that to make laws, legislate and implement these laws by each level of government with their definite power.
  1. Written Constitution – Another essential feature is that the federal system of government is guaranteed by the constitution. It means that the constitution of that country where is the federal system of government listed down all powers and duties in the written form of all levels of government. Without a written constitution there is not a federal system of government. For example, the UK is not a federal country because there is not a written constitution. In the written constitution there is no denying fact that stability maintains in the governance as a whole of the country. In the absence of a written constitution, there is the possibility of conflicts and misunderstandings arises in the Center and the State and would cross the boundary of each other.
  1. Participation of the Centre and State: As stated above the federalism of a country must be governed by the constitution. It is also important to know that any amendment or changes cannot be made unilaterally in the main parts or essential provisions of the constitution. Such changes or amendments must also be approved by all the levels of government to go through.
  1. Dual Government: It is also stated that there are two levels of government with separate jurisdictions and separate duties. There may be a possibility to arise a conflict between the two governments. In a federal state, it is the duty of the courts to interfere in such a situation to resolve this conflict and reach a resolution.
  1. Revenue Sharing: In case of a federal country there should be a system of Revenue-Sharing between the Center and the State like as a system of Power-Sharing between the two levels of government.
Concept: Unitary and Federal States
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