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Explain Why : (I) the Large Area of Western Rajasthan Lacks Rail Transport. (Ii) Northern Plains Have a Dense Network of Road and Rail Transport. (Ii) Pipelines Are More Suitable - Geography

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Short Note

Explain why :

(i) The large area of Western Rajasthan lacks rail transport.
(ii) Northern Plains have a dense network of road and rail transport.
(ii) Pipelines are more suitable for the transportation of petroleum.

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Economically backward areas like Western Rajasthan lacks railways transport due to sandy tracks where construction is difficult and expensive.

Northern plains have a dense network of roads and railway because of high population density and plain leveled lands.

Pipelines are the most convenient, economical mode of transporting petroleum as it can be laid through difficult terrains as well as underwater. It involves low energy consumption and is eco-friendly.

Concept: Railways Transport
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