Explain Why The Earth Without Its Atmosphere Would Be Inhospitably Cold - Physics


Explain why the earth without its atmosphere would be inhospitably cold


Solution 1

Without its atmosphere, earth would be inhospitably cold. In the absence of atmospheric gases, no extra heat will be trapped. All the heat would be radiated back from earth’s surface.

Solution 2

The lower layers of earth’s atmosphere reflect infrared radiations from earth back to the surface of earth. Thus the heat radiation received by the earth from the sun during the day are kept trapped by the atmosphere. If atmosphere of earth were not there, its surface would become too cold to live.

Concept: Heat Transfer - Radiation
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Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter - Exercises [Page 297]


NCERT Class 11 Physics
Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter
Exercises | Q 21.4 | Page 297

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