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Explain Why Burning of Wood and Cutting It into Small Piece Are Considered as Two Different Types of Changes. - Science

Explain why burning of wood and cutting it into small piece are considered as two different types of changes.

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Solution 1

When we burn wood, a new substance, coal, is formed. Therefore, it is a chemical change. However, when we cut wood, only the shape and size of the wood are changed. No new substance is formed. Therefore, it is a physical change.

Solution 2

Burning of wood is a chemical change because in burning new substances are formed as

Wood + Oxygen ———–> Charcoal + Carbon dioxide + Heat + Light

But cutting it into small pieces is physical change because no new substance is formed. We can only reduce the size of wood

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NCERT Class 7 Science
Chapter 6 Physical and Chemical Changes
Q 7 | Page 66
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