Explain Various Modes Needed for Public Awareness to Protect Earth from Environmental Degradation. - Environmental Studies

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Explain various modes needed for public awareness to protect earth from environmental degradation.



1.  Public awareness of the environment comes from a result of general knowledge, specialist  knowledge of a particular problem and a sense of responsibility for the environment.

2. As the Earth's resources are dwindling and our environment is being increasingly degraded by human activities, it is evident that something needs to be done. Human beings cannot isolate themselves from the environment.

3. Environmental protection and conservation is beyond the capacity of one individual, one institution or one government. Hence every citizen of the world needs to be aware and need to actively participate in protecting the global environment.

4. The various modes for public awareness to protect earth from environmental degradation are:
Environmental education: Environmental education must be introduced as a course in schools and colleges.

  • Mass media: Newspapers, magazines, television, radio programs can play an important role in educating masses.
  •  Seminars and conferences: Organizing seminars and conferences that may help to spread the environmental information to generate public awareness.
  • Entertainment: Folk songs, street plays, documentaries can help propagate environmental awareness.
  • Public supported movements: Events, marches, campaigns can be organised for an environmental cause.
  • Science centres: Science centres can be established in villages and remote areas to spread information about the environmental problems, causes and control measures.
  • Government and Non-Governmental Organisations: Government and NGOs can work together to carry out public awareness programs.
Concept: Need for Public Awareness of Environmental Education
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