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Explain Various Methods of Weed Control. - Science

Short Note

Explain various methods of weed control.

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The four methods of weed control are as follows:

  1. Mechanical methods: These include the following methods : uprooting, weeding with trowel or ‘khurpi’ or harrow (a comblike implement), hand hoeing (scraping), interculture, ploughing, burning and flooding.
  2. Cultural methods: They include the following methods : proper bed preparation, timely sowing of crops, intercropping and crop rotation.
  3. Chemical methods: Chemical weed killers, called herbicides or weedicides, are sprayed on weeds to destroy (kill) them. This is called chemical control of weeds. 
  4. Biological control: Biological control of weeds involves the deliberate use of insects or some other organisms which consume and specifically destroy the weed plants.
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P S Verma and V K Agarwal Class 9 Biology - Science Part 3
Chapter 1 Improvements In Food Resources
Short Question Answer ( Carrying 3 Marks) | Q 18 | Page 64
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