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Explain 'Unity of Command' and 'Equity' as Principles of General Management - CBSE (Commerce) Class 12 - Business Studies

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Explain unity of command and equity as principles of general management


1) Unity of Command: According to this principle, an employee should receive instructions or orders from only one superior. In other words, he should be answerable to only one superior. Violation of this principle leads to confusion and chaos in the minds of the subordinate

2) Equity: According to this principle, there must be the equal and fair treatment of various employees in an organisation. There must not be any discrimination on grounds such as religion, gender and caste. Force or kindliness in behaviour as required may be used equally for all employees. Such equality in treatment promotes in building a healthy and friendly work environment

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Solution Explain 'Unity of Command' and 'Equity' as Principles of General Management Concept: Concept of Principles of Management.
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