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Explain Two Rights of a Consumer. - Economics

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Answer in Brief

Explain two rights of a consumer.

Explain any three rights of a consumer.

Explain the different rights of a consumer.

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  1. Right to be informed: Adequate and accurate information about the quality, quantity, purity, standard and price of goods and services must be provided to consumers. This information helps consumers while making the decision to buy and use a product.
  2. Right to seek redressal: Consumers have been given the right to redress their grievances relating to the performance, grade and quality of goods and services. The Consumer Protection Act has duly provided for a fair settlement of genuine grievances of consumers. It has also set up a proper mechanism for their redressal at the district, state and national levels.
  3. Right to choose: A consumer has every right to choose the product he desires. He cannot be compelled to buy things he does not want. For example, many of the gas cylinder providing agencies compel consumers to buy Gas Stove and other accessories from them on a new connection. Similarly, many schools compel parents to buy shoes, dress, and stationery from them. All these are denied the Right to Choose and this is unlawful.
  4. Right to be Heard: This means that consumer grievances will receive due consideration at appropriate forums. For this purpose, the consumers should form non-political and noncommercial consumer organizations and other bodies to give them unity and a platform to voice their problems.
Concept: Concept of Consumer Rights
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