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Explain the Trends in the Following Properties with Reference to Group 16 - Chemistry

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a. Explain the trends in the following properties with reference to group 16:

1 Atomic radii and ionic radii

2 Density

3 ionisation enthalpy

4 Electronegativity

b. In the electolysis of AgNO3 solution 0.7g of Ag is deposited after a certain period of time. Calulate the quantity of electricity required in coulomb. (Molar mass of Ag is 107.9g mol-1)


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(a) Trends in 16-Group

(i) Atomic radii and ionic radii
Down the group atomic radii increases.

(ii) Density
Down the group density increased.

(iii) Ionization enthalpy
The Ist ionization enthapies of the elements of group 16 are unexpectedly lower, while their IInd ionization enthalpies are higher than those of the correspending element of group 15.

(iv) Electronegativity
The element of group 16 have higher value of electronegativity then the corresponding element of group 15.

(b) `"Mass of sub"=Q/96500xx"mole ratio"xx"mol mass"`

Mass of sub = 0.7 g

`"Mole ratio"=1/1`

Molar mass = 107.9





Quantity of electricity = 626.04 C


Concept: Concept of Group 16 Elements
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