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Explain the Various Elements of the Communication Process. - Business Studies


Answer in Brief

Explain the various elements of the communication process.


Sender: The person who intends to convey the message with the intention of passing information and ideas to others is known as the sender or communicator.

Ideas: This is the subject matter of the communication. This may be an opinion, attitude, feelings, views, orders or suggestions.

Encoding: Since the subject matter of communication is theoretical and intangible, its further passing requires the use of certain symbols such as words, actions or pictures, etc. Conversion of subject matter into these symbols is the process of encoding.

Communication Channel: The person who is interested in communicating has to choose the channel for sending the required information, ideas, etc. This information is transmitted to the receiver through certain channels which may be either formal or informal.

Receiver: The receiver is the person who receives the message or for whom the message is meant for. It is the receiver who tries to understand the message in the best possible manner in achieving the desired objectives.

Decoding: The person who receives the message or symbol from the communicator tries to convert the same in such a way so that he may extract its meaning to his complete understanding.

Feedback: Feedback is the process of ensuring that the receiver has received the message and understood in the same sense as the sender meant it.

Concept: Elements of the Communication Process
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