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Explain the scope of Macro economics. - Economics

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Explain the scope of Macro economics.

Answer the following:

Explain the scope of macroeconomics

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Macro-economics is the branch of economics which analyses the entire economy. It deals with the total employment, national income, national output, total investment, total consumption, total savings, general price level, interest rates, trade cycles, business fluctuations etc.

The scope of Macro economics is explained as follows:

  1. Theory of Income and Employment - Macro economic analysis explains which factors determine the level of national income and employment and what causes fluctuations in the level of income, output, and employment. To understand, how the level of employment is determined, we have to study the consumption function and investment function. Theory of Business Cycles is also a part and parcel of the Theory of Income and Employment.
  2. Theory of General Price Level and Inflation - Macro economic analysis shows how the general price level is determined and further explains what causes fluctuations in it. The study of the general price level is significant on account of the problems created by inflation and deflation.
  3. Theory of Growth and Development - Macro economics consists of the theory of economic growth and development. It explains the causes of underdevelopment and poverty. It also suggests strategies for accelerating growth and development.
  4. Macro Theory of Distribution - Macro theory of distribution deals with the relative shares of rent, wages, interest, and profit in the total national income.
Concept: Macro Economics
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